Saturday, February 24, 2018

Drat! Why Am I Not Sleeping?

Last night I got cozy in my comfy bed, read for a few minutes, turned out the light at 10:38pm and fell instantly asleep. As I lost consciousness I felt enveloped by my warm quilts and soft pillows...niiiiiice!

I woke up for no discernible at 12:38am and it is now 5:38am. I have not slept at all in the past five hours. I am most annoyed 😠!!!!!

There are no worries plaguing me. I am not depressed. There are neither exciting nor dreaded plans for the near future running through my mind. I am not hungry. There aren’t any new pressing prayer requests from others requiring this many hours of intercessory prayer. In fact, so few prayer requests have come to mind I spent most of the last five hours reading an entire (and entirely forgettable) novel!

All I can think of is that perhaps I am coming down with the same respiratory infection my husband has nearly recovered from. NO! NO! NO! Please, let it not be because a cold is coming on, not right now.

A cold.




Please let me be wrong in my assumption.....please, please, please.....

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