Friday, February 16, 2018

Dribs and Drabs

I really, really, really, truly, truly, truly enjoyed my first choir practise last evening for the Easter Seasonal Choir.  WHAT FUN to be singing under the direction of a well seasoned, super experienced, lifelong music director once again.  It has been a few decades since that happened. I wish my voice was still up to the same par as this man's directing skills!

I was the only new recruit there last night.  The only other folk there are members of the church choir our director has led for years.  The other new people will arrive for rehearsal on March 1, but since the director is a childhood friend of mine, he invited me to come early to meet everyone from his own choir and to let me get started learning the music with them ahead of the crowd.  

Unfortunately, I was the second youngest person of course the songs are far too easy to be interesting musically, but I have to say that with my friend directing, we could sing the phone book and I wouldn't complain...seriously.  The other bonus is that the people in his church choir are extremely friendly and kind to "strangers" in their midst.  I don't remember the last time I felt so welcomed into a group of people who have known each other for many years and have no clue who I might be, or care.  They are just wonderfully kind people.  I certainly did not feel excluded or invisible or unwanted.  You want to know how to get new bodies in your choir and/or church pews?  Just give all newcomers the sincerely joyful welcome these people gave me and you will pack them in, I am certain of it.  I am going to mightily enjoy the next few weeks of rehearsal.

My husband is home from work today with a most terrible cold...similar to the one he had last autumn but possibly worse.  He was awake by 2am today, coughing and choking and spluttering and trying to breathe through his nose.  BUT you know what?  The depression that accompanies the bad CFS episodes, like the one he is just coming to the end of, is GONE!  He sat in bed from 2am to 6am doing emails for his job because he knew he couldn't possibly go into work today and spread such sinus joy around to the rest of the staff.  Then he went back to sleep for a couple of hours.  Throughout the day today he has done some more emails and texts and made some phone calls for work. By the time the day is done he will have put in almost a full day.  Last autumn when he had this sort of cold he was so depressed I was worried about him.  This session...totally different.  Instead of moaning and groaning about being behind on the job, missing out on meetings etc., he has worked at home today, has been amazingly cheery despite feeling wretched and is making plans for how to juggle his next few days of work and rest to the best advantage.  Thank you Jesus!!!  (and all you faithful prayers warriors who have seen him through this latest health issue)

I called my parents' residence in Calgary this afternoon to officially cancel our booking for the guest room next week.  It is obvious today that there is no way my husband will be over this cold sufficiently to leave for Calgary next week.  Soon after I made the call, my parents phoned to let me know that part of their building is now on lockdown for some kind of horrible 'flu' virus and their part of the building will likely be next.  In other words it is possible we would have driven all the way to Calgary only to find my parents just being put into lockdown, and therefore unable to see us at all after all that planning and driving.  We would have arrived to find our access to the building, guest room and all, completely blocked.  Once again we are so grateful to God that we went ahead and did the wise thing by cancelling the trip the other night.

I was in a baking mood this afternoon for some reason, so I tinkered around with a banana loaf recipe and altered my honey cookie recipe to reduce both fats and sugars, just for an experiment.  My reaction to the results is a great, big, fat "MEH!"  Both items are okay and will eventually be eaten, but they are less than exciting to my palate!  My husband quite likes both of them actually, but for me the lack of sweetness will take some getting used to.  At least it will be something different for a snack for a day or two for both of us.  

I am enjoying my new Remy Olivier ceramic cookwear.  Stokes kitchenware had a sale a few months ago and I replaced some of my older bakeware with the ceramics.  I like them.  To have a loaf fall out of a pan so easily and with no danger of it splitting in the middle because of one end hanging onto the pan..well...what a treat!

We purchased a new toaster oven a few weeks ago, but I kept the trays from the old one.  They are just perfect for putting those last 3 of 4 balls of cookie dough onto for baking in the oven...the last 3 or 4 balls I just can't squeeze onto the regular cookie sheet without risking them flattening out and running into the other, more well placed and separated cookie balls.   

My husband is calling me to let me know he is going to have a nap, so I best stop clattering away on this noisy old keyboard!

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