Friday, February 23, 2018

I Guess We Must Be Giving Up Home Cooking For Lent!! much for sodium and cholesterol reduced meals!! Hohohoho!!! NOT TODAY!

We had to make a run to the Battery Depot around noon today so we could get new batteries for our backup system for the computers.  The whole system went down a few weeks ago but my husband wasn't able to get up there for replacement batteries until today.  Fortunately they had exactly what he needed, so he is happily taking some time out between study books to restore the system.  YAY!  It has been a very odd feeling, using the computers knowing there is no back up if the power was to fail.  I am relieved it is being attended to at last.

We also stopped in at the Honda dealership to get the code for resetting our vehicle clock as the card with the code on it went missing at some point before we purchased it.  They are so accommodating at the Honda dealership here, despite being so ridiculously busy as to be almost unbelieveable.  It is "crazy town" in there!! the past week we have recommended the luncheon menu at Vintage Tea Room to three different sets of friends, so my husband decided it was only right that we eat a late luncheon there today to make sure we have not been leading our dear friends astray!! teehee 😉

Oh was SOOOOOOOO  OOOOO  OOOOO tasty!!!  

My husband had bangers and mash with onion gravy and the best mushy peas I have sneaked off anyone's plate (when they weren't looking of course) in a very long time.  He was delighted and ate every scrumptious bite!

I ordered the half pork pie with a side of split pea and ham soup.  O boy...there is no other split pea soup I have eaten that was as tasty as this small bowl of yummy-ness!! The touch of anise added to the peas, ham and bits of carrot and onion, gave the flavour quite a marvellous boost beyond  the usual overpowering sodium flavour I have come to associate with most split pea and ham soup attempts.  The half pork pie was fantastic...thin pastry STUFFED with pork and onion and with the side of chutney it was pretty awesome for flavour.  It was a hearty lunch, but neither the soup nor the pork pie were overwhelming in size.  Perfect.

The overwhelming for size portion of the meal was the slice of sticky ginger cake we ordered for dessert...thank goodness we only ordered the one so we could share it.  It was such a large piece, slathered in rum sauce and with a large dollop of real whipped cream on top.  I am sure I was well over my noontime carbohydrate count by the time we were done eating, but the exercise I have had since should help wear off the sugars a bit.  Supper is going to be a small sandwich for the two of us to share as our lunch was actually dinner sized!

My husband ordered a pot of the Windsor tea that he quite enjoyed and I had my usual  Cream Earl Grey.  Yes!!!

We got into a bit of a teasing match with a Scottish fellow and his wife and friends who were sitting at the table beside us and that made for an even more fun time.  He teased my husband about trying a taste of my soup with his itty bitty teaspoon, he teased me about missing my chance for a second meal when the server accidentally brought someone else's wonderful looking egg salad sandwiches to our table. And on it went....haha.  Spontaneous conversations with complete strangers in restaurants seems to happen too rarely, so it was quite a treat to have some laughs with these folk.

The sun is shining, it is warming up outside.  If there is any truth to the 14 day forecast it is possible that when we unplugged our car this afternoon, it marked the last time we have to use the power to heat the battery until next winter.  Let's hope...right??

Yup, my husband is home, we did chores together, we ate lunch out together, (AND purchased some of the Welsh tea cakes and ginger cookies sold at Vintage that are so much like my own dear mum's; some orange whiskey marmalade too.), we laughed and had a great time together.  There are a lot of things about retirement that are starting to appeal to me...spending more time with my husband being chief among them!

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