Friday, February 23, 2018

Post-Prandial Exercise Routine

Some of you have been asking me, particularly those of you who have visited me here at home, how I manage to do up to an hour's worth of exercise twice a day in this small space.

So, here is my routine:

As soon as a meal is over I get up from the table, (Or couch, since now that I am an adult I get to eat in front of the tv without getting in trouble with my parents!), load the dishwasher and wash the remaining dishes by hand, even if there are only a few items.

Then I go around the corner from the kitchen into the L-shaped dining room/living room space and turn on the tv.  I stand beside the sofa once I find a programme to watch and start walking up and down on the spot.  At the beginning of the first commercial break, I walk up and down the flight of stairs to the bedrooms as many times as I can until the commercial break is over.  How many times I can do it depends on how tired and sore I happen to be at the time, but I am trying to increase my reps, particularly after dinner when my blood sugar tends to get to its highest levels of the day, but if I have more energy after lunch I cram in as many reps as possible then too.  

Once the commercial break is over and the programme comes back on I go back to walking on the spot, but change my pace to marching instead, being careful to lift my knees high but not slam my feet down onto the carpet while I am marching.  Gentle marching is best for me.  During the next commercial break I either return to stair climbing if I am not too exhausted from the last round and fill that break with climbs, or else march more quickly.

When the programme returns I go back to my spot and jog up and down on the spot for as many  minutes as I am able while waiting for the next commercial break.  If I can only jog for 3-5 minutes, that is okay because I just go back to marching once I peter out aerobically. (Pant, pant, wheeze!!)

At the beginning of the next and all subsequent commercial breaks I quick-walk around the L-shaped dining/living room space, dodging the dining room table and chairs, the couch and coffee table and other assorted furniture.  I have things arranged so there is a clear, if short, figure eight pathway around the furniture.  It works well for me. 

So, basically, while the programme is on I walk, march or jog in place.  During the commercial breaks I am either stair climbing or quick walking around the downstairs.  

If I am watching a recorded programme I simply allow the commercial breaks to play through instead of fast forwarding through them.  

Depending on my energy level I can keep this up for between 30 and 60 minutes after lunch and again after dinner.  30 minutes is my minimum time.  If we happen to have company they just have to be understanding while I march up and down on the spot for half an hour while we visit after a meal. Usually they are...or at least they are not obviously freaked out by it and are only rarely condescending or embarrassed. hahaha

I give myself a break one day a week, usually Sundays because we are often on the road for the day travelling to rural parishes and I simply don't have the time or space available to exercise, but for at least the weekdays at home I am very strict about being so disciplined.  Unfortunately, daily post-prandial exercise is not an option for me if I want to stay off diabetes meds for awhile longer. 

Next week I am going to start incorporating the basement stairs into my stair climbing routine.  I am doing well enough now on just the one filght that it is time to up the ante and be climbing both staircases now during those commercial breaks.

So, hope that answers the questions.  When you have a very small space to work with and are my age, you just have to be more creative than when you have the opportunity in winter to go and walk the indoor malls after a meal, or go skiing or skating out of doors.  

All I know is that this little routine is helping me out a lot. Thanks for asking. 😀

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