Friday, February 23, 2018

Some Good News from Cee:

The test results came in this morning for the bone scan and some other tests Cee had this week: the bone scan is completely clear and the ultrasound is as well.  The idea that it could be bone cancer was a new one that was suggested by a wonderful doctor a few days ago and it scared the beejeepers out of us all, but it turns out his problem is not bone cancer.  Oooh, thank you God!

The other good news is that the GP in this case IS going to refer Cee to a specialist who apparently is the best internist in the province, so please pray he can get in sooner rather than later.

There are still a couple of outstanding test results to come in, so we hope they will either show something specific or nothing at all, at least nothing to further cloud the all ready muddy waters as to what Cee's problem actually is. 

Today I felt a ray of hope for Cee that I haven't truly had for awhile. As other possibilities are eliminated, surely he is closer to finding out why he is ill than he has been in many a month.

Thanks again everyone for your prayers. They have brought so much comfort and peace to the family.  Just knowing there are people, even complete strangers, who care enough to petition God on their behalf holds its own comfort.

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