Monday, February 19, 2018

Sometimes Ya' Just Gotta Bite the Bullet and Get Out in the Cold!!

What a wonderful morning we had today!  Although it was -27C with a windchill of -33C when we left the house at 8am, we had a wonderful drive to Moose Jaw on clear, dry roads to enjoy some food and fellowship with good friends there.

It was so tempting to phone and cancel our plans at the last minute, particularly since my husband had to rouse himself out of his sick bed last evening for a dinner meeting he was responsible to be at for a diocesan special interest group. 

However, he rolled back out of bed again quite happily just before 7:30am, got himself dressed and a cup of hot tea ready for the road and away we went. I gave him a break and did the car warming/window scraping chore so he wouldn't get a chill on our drive and he did very well manning the heater to keep the windows free of frost and his toes toasty warm along the way.

We had a spectacular breakfast...completely off the charts for cholesterol and fat and sodium....blessedly fantastic for a change of pace!!!  There were farm fresh eggs scrambled in the fat from the free range bacon strips, onion slices, organic potatoes with thin, tasty skins...everything fried of course and then dowsed in Maldon salt at the table.  There was homemade spelt bread, a fruit salad, two kinds of cheeses, the best coffee I have dared to try in a very long time, my husband's special tea blend, the breaking open of a jar of chokecherry syrup that my husband and our friend made from berries they picked nearly ten years ago and that has aged fantastically well, (and is perked up mightily with a half jigger of vodka in each glass...YUMMMMMMMYYYY!!)! was an amazing dietary splurge at 9:30am!!  It took us until after 10:30am to get to the end of our eating extravaganza.  Then we stayed for another hour to sit on soft, comfy couches and talk about all kinds of wonderful topics.

Finally, just after 11:30am, we piled our sated selves back into our vehicle and headed back home with the gift of two bottles of excellent wine from our friends wrapped in a blanket on the back seat.  Talk about a wonderful Family Day holiday, even though we didn't get to spend it with any actual family!!  We opened the bottle of red wine later this afternoon to celebrate the holiday once again!!

My husband woke up feeling so much better today.  His coughing fits have been reduced to less than a third of the number of sessions he has had for each of the previous three or four days and although he is tired of course, he spent lots of time this afternoon working on writing his philosophy and world view course, watching some of the Olympic sports on tv and studying.  What a mercy he has most of this week to spend at home on study leave, with only one day where he really must go into the office.  He can rest lots, sleep in, manage his own time while he gets over his cold and truly be recovered by the time he returns to work full time.  YAY!

I am waiting to see the coverage of the flight of Olympic figure skaters my faves are in and then I am going to go to bed early and have another good sleep.  

Tomorrow I want to find some extra lean ground beef somewhere and make a meatloaf recipe we stumbled on today as we were channel surfing on the tv.  It involved flattening and rolling the meat like a jelly roll around a filling of mashed potato, chopped eggs and celery and a mayo dressing, refrigerating it overnight, then slicing it into rounds and baking the rounds individually on a cookie sheet.  I am dying to try to cook something different than usual with ingredients I am allowed to have and the measure in each meat round of the stuffing ingredients is about right for me.  Something to have some fun with, if not tomorrow, at some point later this week.  I am not a creative cook, but am eager to make use of the abundant energy I have these days to cook something more interesting. Here's hoping.....


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Penny said...

let me know how the meatloaf wrap works out. sounds interesting.
I wounder if it would work with ground turkey?