Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Plan Is NOT Coming Together!! O Well.......

Mom and Dad called tonight.  They called specifically to request that we not come to see them next week.  Sanity over travelling in the now looming bad weather is winning out over the desire to get together.  Disappointed as we are, we have to admit their concern is justified. Sigh....our travel plans so far this year have all come to nought.

I can see their point.  They aren't worrying unnecessarily, because a terrible storm is to blow into their area on Friday and last for the entire weekend. All ready, from the wind and show showers of the past couple days in their area, highways have been closed; there are long ice covered stretches as well on which travel is not recommended.  An Arctic cold front is to follow the coming storm, meaning neither of my elderly parents is going to want to go out of the residence for so much as a luncheon out because they get so very cold having to be outside for more than a few seconds. Sometimes I forget how fragile each of them has become in the past two years. 

After we made the decision, talked about other things for awhile and eventually said goodbye, my husband arrived home bearing with him the beginnings of what appears to be the start of a very heavy cold!!  I can tell all ready that there is no way he is going to be fit to travel all the way to Calgary in another 5 days!!  He may not end up feeling completely miserable by the weekend, but it is best that we have all ready cancelled our trip so he can relax and not be worrying about whether or not he would be well enough to travel, plus he would rather not spread a cold throughout a seniors' residence!

So, things are working out, just not the way we hoped and planned.  My husband likely has sufficient study texts and other materials to do his study leave right here at home next week.  We can still order a file cabinet for my parents and hire a delivery company from their own city to take it to them.  The soup I made for them today can remain in the freezer for a few weeks and if we still haven't been to see them by the end of March, we can eat the soup ourselves.  (We had some for dinner this evening and it was tres delicious, if I do say so myself!!  And I DO!!)

Tomorrow I will call Calgary and cancel our accommdation for next week.  Although I am disappointed this didn't work out, I am totally at peace that things are happening the way they are supposed to.  When the decision was made, I could actually hear the tension draining from my parents' voices. 

The temperature here has dropped significantly since 4pm, the wind is howling and blowing today's snowfall all over the place and apparently our own highways are drifting over with snow while the daytime melt is freezing as the night goes along.  I am so grateful that the only place I have to drive tomorrow is to choir after dinner!

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