Monday, March 19, 2018

A "Flippy Flop" Day

Our son used to call spring days like this one "flippy flop" days.  haha

We began the day under dark skies and  huge, wet, smothery snowflakes coming down so thickly and so quickly that we had to put the windshield wipers on to get to the airport.  As we brushed the snow off the car prior to leaving our parking lot, new big, fat flakes were immediately sticking once again, making the brushing kind of a useless exercise.  It was certainly pretty, anyway.

On the way to the airport we nearly got dinged making a left turn when another driver crossing our path, didn't either slow down or stop for a pedestrian crossing HIS path...what is it with Regina drivers so blatantly and regularly flaunting their refusal to obey the traffic laws concerning pedestrians crossing at marked crosswalks??  Obviously the girl that was almost run down had been through the experience previously because she certainly knew how to hop backward to avoid a collision.  "THESE ROMANS ARE CRAZY!!" as the characters in our old cartoon books about the Gauls vs the Romans used to say.  The longer I live in this city the more frightened I am to set foot, or tires, on the streets!!

However, we arrived safely at the airport and my husband's flight departed right on time.  I decided to do some early morning banking and grocery shopping and now I am home watching the clouds giving way to light blue skies and sunshine.  As the temperatures are rising, so is my mood.  Spring is a happy month, storms and ice and all.  It heralds the onset of good walking weather, warm temperatures....AND lower gas and electric bills! hahaha

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