Saturday, March 24, 2018

A More Fun Saturday Than Usual, Yay!

I suppose I should have stayed home this morning and done some housework, but my husband wanted me to accompany him on his drive across the city to our insurance agent to have his drivers' license renewed with a new photo.  No wonder he wanted company. The city streets are in deplorable condition due to the ice and snow storm we had yesterday.  We made it out to the insurance place and back just fine, but it was rather nice to have so little traffic on the streets.

After that my husband dropped me back at home while he went into the office for a couple of hours.  I made some rather tasty pita pizzas for our lunch and then we headed over to the Cathedral for a lovely ordination service for new vocational deacons.  I particularly appreciated that the 2 ordinands, both women, chose another woman deacon to do the sermon.  She gave an excellent history of the whole deaconal movement, which began right around the time of the stoning of Stephen, so it is the oldest order in our denomination, even more ancient than the orders of priest and bishop.  We have many strong women in our diocese who are excellent deacons and priests, secure in their calling from God and ministering well in their parishes.  We sang some of my favourite hymns, "Sister Let Me Be Your Servant", "Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah", "Come Holy Spirit our Souls Inspire", and "Be Thou My Vision".  We also sang some lyrics particularly pertaining to deacons, lyrics by Herbert O'Driscoll set to a Beethoven classical melody, that was very descriptive of the diaconal role. The prayers were beautiful and inspiring.  I enjoy the deaconal ordination services.  They are filled with hope for the future.  I had a chance to have visits with a great number of aquaintances from around the diocese before and after the service. That made it even more fun for me.  I also sat right at the back of the church, away from the main congregation so that I could belt out the hymns at the top of my lungs and not annoy anyone.  That was a LOT of fun!! hahaha

We came close to having the service out on the highway somewhere between here and Moose Jaw as the highway was so ice covered, rutted and dangerous that our Canon and the two ordinands barely made it back here on time at the conclusion of their ordination retreat there.  It took a good hour and a half to make what is normally about a 35-40 minute journey.   Aiiii yiiii....  I checked the highway conditions as they were on their way and discovered that particular stretch of highway was in the worst condition of any in the province at that time.  Just horrible!!  All I could think of was that in Alberta that stretch of highway would have been completely closed as of the day before and would have remained that way for all of today.  I cannot believe what sorts of highway conditions the people of Saskatchewan are prepared to attempt to drive on.  Other friends at the service today had driven in from Moose Jaw at the height of the storm on Friday.  They counted 57 cars in the ditch, along with 7 accidents in various stages of being cleared off the highway.  When they got to the ring road here, a semi flipped over and blocked the entire north bound traffic flow, but they have a brand new 4-wheel drive vehicle that allowed them to drive into the median between the north and south bound lanes and get around the semi before the police and ambulance arrived.  This is definitely the worst storm we have had in a long time.  Various priests who are supposed to be travelling tomorrow to churches outside their towns of residence, in order to bring Palm Sunday communion to some of the smaller rural parishes who have no incumbents right now, will have to reassess the viability of travel when they wake up tomorrow morning: freezing rain is on its way at any minute.  Sigh....will SPRING ever really be here????

After everything was completed at the church, I surprised my husband with a birthday dinner out.  For the first time we ate at Orange Izakaya over in Cathedral District...Robinson Street.  It is an unpretentious little place that serves delicious Korean/Japanese fusion foods.  We have been wanting to go there for awhile, but have had a difficult time tearing ourselves away from the wonderful Indian restaurants.  The decor is a bit stark, but the food was delicious and the service excellent.  We started out with an order of edemame and one of yam fries for appetizers.  The edemame was nice and hot, salted perfectly and the crispy yam fries had a dollop of kimchee added to the dipping sauce, so that was a warm complement for the yam.  Then for entrees I had the chicken teriyaki sandwich and salad. Yum!  It came on an open faced ciabata bun, nicely toasted with a huge side of mixed green salad.  I was able to easily eat only half the bun and my husband ate the other half. No problem keeping the bun carbs to a minimum after eating yam fries.  The Japanese dressing, one of my favourites that is heavy with miso and sesame flavours, was in a separate side dish, so I was able to restrict my intake of that, as well as not worry that my ciabata bun would get soggy from salad dressing running out from under the salad and soaking the sandwich.  My husband ordered the Korean spiced beef burger, which came on a large, whole wheat sesame bun and also included a large salad.  He certainly enjoyed it.  He was delighted that he was able to go out for dinner before his birthday because he was so sure he would have to wait until after Easter to have time to eat out again.  Since the tea time after the ordination service didn't last very long, due to the many out of town visitors having to make their way back home in the daylight, we had lots of time to go out for dinner and be back again before the freezing rain hits.  YES!! (The weather effectively cancelled an evening meeting my husband had originally, so it was good for something! haha)

We will check the weather and road conditions when we get up in the morning. Depending on the freezing rain and how badly it has iced up the vehicle and streets, we will choose a church to attend for Palm Sunday.  I suspect it will be St. Philip, as we have been away from it for so many Sundays of meetings and travel elsewhere. My husband misses those people very, very much!

Tonight my friend is singing in the Regina Symphony Orchestra chorus as they present a night of music from South Pacific.  I am praying that she and her family can get home safely tonight after the performance.  I sure would appreciate it if the forecast for freezing rain turned out to be completely incorrect!!

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