Saturday, March 31, 2018

A Special Gift For Our Son From His Friends

Our son called from Vancouver just as we arrived at our friends’ house for tea this afternoon, so we sat outside their house for a few minutes to talk to him. He sounded completely exhausted. We assumed he was at the airport, but he was still at his old suite.

Turns out that after he celebrated Seder with his wonderful Jewish friends the other night, they approached him with an offer to pay for a change of flight for him so he could spend a couple of days resting and enjoying time in the greenery of the parks and breathing in the fresh aroma of spring flowers in his favourite gardens. He was so busy doing business all week that he ran out of time to wander through the trees and across the lawns he so misses now that he lives in the concrete jungle of New York.

God bless you Cohen family for your adoption of your son into your lives and family. You kept him going through the worst time in his life. Your generosity on every level to him deserves every blessing from God.

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