Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Amazing Book of Prayers

An Island friend gave me a book recommendation the other day and it sounded so interesting that I immediately went online and ordered a copy.

The book is: The Valley of Vision, A collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions (edited by Arthur Bennett, The Banner of Truth Trust; Versa Press, Inc., Peoria, 1975.)

It arrived in my mailbox a few minutes ago.  I have only read the first prayer and I am all ready crying from its profundity.  O how I miss the way the English language used to be able to convey theology and the Christian worship experience before all our Anglican prayer books and devotional materials were taken over by the bland, monotonous droning that our language is becoming.  While I understand the need for changes in the prayer book to the more modern language BAS version and have come to enjoy it over the years, I still miss the old way of speaking that spoke more deeply to my heart and spirit.  

I am going to give the book to my husband and myself nexy week as our joint anniversary gift.  My plan is to use one prayer each day as a devotional experience either on my own or together with my husband.  

Reading the first prayer, then thinking it over and actually praying it, stirred up a deep longing for more discussion with my brothers and sisters in Christ in regard to God's moving in our lives, discussions that I have had to keep on the back burner in much of my church life out here.  I have met such a small handful of people in the past ten years who share the lifetime of similar God-experiences that I have had, who don't think I am some kind of well meaning spiritual nut case when I talk about God as if he and I really know each other at some level.  Even if his daily working in life are understood it isn't the "done thing" to discuss it together.  I miss that very much. It used to be a part of my every day life and I am delighted now to have a new tool in the form of this book of prayers to help me restore that aspect of the Christian daily walk with God.

Thank you my dear Island friend for the recommend.  I got a good deal for a brand new copy and am delighted with it.  Bless you for passing on this book title to me.  Bless you "real good"!!

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