Friday, March 9, 2018

As Usual.....haha

We are safely at our destination. What a crazy drive! The dry highways we were expecting when we went to sleep last night, turned out to be covered with icy slush and small snow drifts. At least that was the case for the first two thirds of the trip when I was driving.

As usual, within a kilometre after my husband took the wheel, the sun appeared in the sky, the wind stopped blowing and the road had not a crystal of ice on it for the last third of the trip. hahaha

The old hotel we are staying on has had an impressive face lift since we last stayed here about eighteen months ago. Unless we end up with noisy neighbours beside us we should have a good rest in this clean, well appointed venue.

We met for dinner with the new priest here. It was fun having a chance to get to know him better. He understands and enjoys the rural culture here and has all ready happily attended his first hockey games to cheer on the local team.

Now my husband is relaxing by watching Rick Mercer’s television programme while I try to think through that noise sufficiently to write this post.

I am looking forward to the installation service tomorrow. Seeing our former parishioners again will be good fun.

We have a choice of three different routes home tomorrow afternoon. Which one we choose will depend partly on the road conditions and partly on where along the way we want to eat dinner before we get home. hohoho!

As we suspected, we just checked the highway conditions (8:40pm) and a good portion of the main highway we travelled on today is now ice covered and travel is not recommended. So grateful we were able to cover that distance before it became so dangerous!

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chris e. said...

How anyone can tune out that annoying laugh track on Rick Mercer's show is beyond me.
Hopefully it's only a half hour show!