Thursday, March 8, 2018

Bring On The Sunshine and Warmth!!

It's a beautiful day in our neighbourhood!!  Although it is chilly, the sun is beating down so brightly and with a touch of real warmth for the first time since last autumn!  I enjoyed my short drive to the bank and to WallyWorld for some of the best coconut water my husband has found yet!  (I also found a wonderful little summer shift dress in white and grey for less than $18 and decided to add it to my collection. I want to travel mostly in dresses this summer and finally found one that has short sleeves that I actually like! I am too old for sleeveless other than on the hottest of days. No one needs to see upper arm flap unnecessarily!)

The streets are interesting to drive on.  Most of the main streets have two lanes cleared, but some of them have 2 lanes, then a bit of a loss of the outside lane where, if all the drivers in both lanes are not paying attention, it kind of disappears or narrows with left over snow, forcing the cars in that lane to straddle the line and partially merge for a few blocks into the inside lane.  The narrowing is hard to see coming in advance, so there were a lot of brake lights coming on in a hurry as drivers in the outside lane realized there was someone driving immediately beside them in the inside lane that was not pulling over sufficiently to let them in to share it.  WOW....MOST interesting. I was happy to get my errands run in the middle of the morning and get the heck home to the safety of my parking spot!  The town we are heading for this weekend didn't get nearly as much snow as we did and some of their streets have all ready melted off.  The highways are looking good, so if we can avoid having a surprise storm blow in over the next 48 hours, we should have a relatively dry and safe drive.

I am happy to be singing in the trio at church in a couple of weeks.  Once again they have picked a song I don't know at all, so I get a chance to learn yet another of the too many I have never had cause to learn in the Common Praise hymnal.

Tonight is Easter Seasonal Choir practise and I am looking forward to that again.  I am not used to week night practises and so last week I nearly forgot to attend.  If my husband hadn't reminded me this morning it is possible I would have completely forgotten about tonight.  My forgetfulness is not the result of not caring about the choir or not enjoying it.  It is the problem of starting up a new habit that only has to last for a few more weeks before it is all over.  Something in my head balks at that for some wierd reason.  haha  I pray more people will come out to sing starting tonight. The music is very easy and anyone who can read music and enjoys singing could happily participate for these last 3 rehearsals.  

Wow, the afternoon is nearly over all ready!  I did a LOT of exercising after lunch as I treated myself to an extra carb unit, then I called my parents to check in.  Talking to them gave me a chance go continue walking my circle 8 pattern around the downstairs while we chatted.  Dad has finally straightened out his sleeping meds and the doctor is slowly rotating him off his sleeping pills and onto melatonin.  That makes me very happy. The serious abrasion on his arm from his fall nearly 2 months ago has finally healed and he says the skin is looking very good now.  Mom has FINALLY agreed to wear her emergency call button to bed at night.  It has taken a LOT of talking and arguing and cajoling and frustration to convince her it is for her own safety.  She just doesn't understand how helpless she would be if she fell in the bathroom in the middle of the night, broke a leg or hip and Dad didn't hear her.  Having had only one small wrist fracture last year, followed by a diagnosis of serious osteoporosis, she isn't really cognizant of how desperate her situation is and what a mess she could be in if she fell when she was alone with no button at hand.  I have planted the idea that we will try to see them in April, but gave them no idea we have all ready picked the days and are making the travel plans.  Better to surprise them quite a bit closer to the time!  We are learning that they worry too much if they know too far in advance.

Off to practise that hymn for the trio.  I need to learn it today because I won't be here again until our rehearsal on Sunday morning. 

Happy weekend everyone.

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