Saturday, March 17, 2018

But Polka Dots Are So Cheery!!!

I caught my husband last night looking somewhat askance at the new duvet cover on the bed: the new white one that is covered in black polka dots.  

He claims the pattern is blinding to look at.  I say it is cheery, because what is more cheery to look at than a mass of polka dots, right?  Of course right!

The prairies is one of the most bland, brown, stark landscapes in this country, so my idea is that in order to keep from feeling depressed when I look outside, we should have something incredibly joyful and fun to look at here in the suite.  What brings more joy visually than polka dots?  I have a polka dot blazer in shades of blue, a black and white polka dot panel on one of my favourite dresses, blue polka dots on the shower curtain, a navy blouse with teensy while polka dots and now the duvet cover.  

According to my husband, with the onslaught of all these polka dots, (he actually used the word "onslaught"!! Can you believe it??  Of all the nerve!), I should now be the cheeriest woman on planet Earth and he is going to hold me to that!  



chris e. said...

I have a skirt in turquoise with black polka dots. Made before polka dots came back and was my one and only official nod to Princess Di. There must be a lot of people (besides you and moi) who love polka dots though. There were dozens of bolts of polka dots in other colours: the staff said everything disappeared in record quick time.
Polka dot on!

chris e. said...

Oh, one other comment...Issue said husband a fade-able magic marker (available for quilters--go direct to Fabricland, do not pass 'GO')and let him connect the dots to his heart's content.

Susan said...

Hey, great idea. He has been an unrelenting tease about my polka dots. Time to call his bluff. 😂