Sunday, March 25, 2018

Draggin’ Our Tail Feathers

It is not yet 6:30am, but we have all ready celebrated my husband’s birthday by having him open his cards and gifts while I sang his happy birthday song. Now he is attempting to go back to sleep after being awake since 4:30am. He forgot to take his valerian and melatonin before he went to bed. I forgot to remind him. What a pair we are.

Sigh....I guess we will not be going to Palm Sunday service anywhere after all. I would go myself if both my car and the streets were not encased in ice once again. It is too nerve wracking being out in traffic in such conditions.

We watched the new “Jumanji” movie last evening. It wasn’t particularly exciting, but at least it wasn’t a remake of the first one. This one is its own adventure. No one seems to know how to make truly riveting action comedies any more. The adult cast though did an exceptional job of portraying teenaged angst in our modern world. They appeared to be having so much fun portraying teens who find themselves in adult bodies (hardly a new concept, but these people had a hoot with it) that I couldn’t help but enjoy watching them. Jack Black was especially hilarious!

When the movie ended we chuckled our way off to bed with nary a thought of valerian or melatonin. Duh!

Well, as my husband observed, just as he was dozing off at last a couple of minutes ago, yay, we were at a long ordination service yesterday and will be at a long Easter celebration tonight, so those will have to do. I am only sorry he will miss getting his annual palm branch as it means a lot to him.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday everyone!

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