Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday

Last weekend the Easter Seasonal Choir was singing about the death of Jesus and today is the day that Christians around the world will be meditating on his gift of love and life to us by suffering a cruel death on a cross of wood, taking on death in our place, clearing the path for the followers of Jesus to access a God whose righteousness does not allow unredeemed sinners into his presence. Jesus was sent to open the path to all believers and God never ceases trying to make himself known to all of us sinners because he loves everyone on the earth...enough to allow us free choice to accept him or not, to spend life and eternity with him or without him.

No, I don't understand it all, but I accept it because of the relationship I have with Christ and the answers to prayers I have prayed, as well as the transformational changes I have seen and experienced not only in my own life, but in the lives of others who do their best to follow Jesus.

Tonight we are going to try to attend a Tennebrae service here in town.  It is my favourite service of the Christian year.  It is the service where I feel the most in touch with whatever limited understanding I have of what Christ willingly sacrficed for the rest of us to have the chance to enter God's eternal kingdom.

Yes, I do understand how ridiculous, even irrational all this sounds to those who cannot bring themselves to believe in God and certainly not a god who would demand blood sacrifice for the remission of sins not even committed yet by those born on the earth after the death and resurrection of Jesus.  But, I believe it. I believe every word of it.  There is too much evidence, traditional, historical, and experiential for me to believe otherwise.

So today, I am musing on how my change of heart and mind came about, how even my most dismal failures in attempting to follow Christ have resulted in an amazing life that has far exceeded my wildest pre-believer dreams and hopes, both in what are apparently bad as well as good circumstances.    Whoever wrote the lyrics for the hymn that begins with, "I've found a friend, o such a friend....", obviously knew the joy that comes in serving Jesus no matter what else is going on in life.

So, I am off to bake honey cookies for the young visitors we will be having this afternoon and while I am baking I will try to keep my thoughts centered on what this day, this weekend leading up to the Resurrection celebrations on Sunday, is all about.

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