Sunday, March 18, 2018

Just Another Pleasant Sunday

It has been a great day thus far and it is not even 3pm yet.

After a good night of sleep I hurried off to church this morning to sing in the trio and enjoy a return to the old BCP Morning Prayer service....again...second week in a row, two different churches.  I thoroughly enjoyed the "just for this week" switch but am glad I won't have to do it again for awhile.  I love the old language, but for some reason I found the whole service just as overly drawn out as the one last weekend out of town.  The sermon was quite wonderful though and since I am at church mostly for the preaching, it was worth being there for that alone.  We have a certified lay reader at that church who is an excellent preacher...always a treat!

As soon as I got home my husband, who spent his morning off sitting on the couch going, "meep, meep meep" and dozing, announced he hadn't eaten any breakfast, so we headed out for lunch.  We wanted to have a bit of a date before he flies to Winnipeg tomorrow.  On the way to Lancaster Taphouse we decided to make use first of a free haircut coupon at the Sports Clips near there.  After a less than five minute wait, my husband disappeared into the salon and returned looking quite amazing!  He had a wonderful haircut, a bit of a beard trim and the wonderful stylist even clipped his bushy eyebrows.  What a change in his appearance.  He looks super and I can't wait for the office staff to see him when he returns home for work on Thursday.  teehee  The old "toque top", "Gertrude and Heathcliff" hair is gone!  He and I are both delighted and whatever the actual cost of having his hair taken care of there in future will be more than worth it. FINALLY!  He is understanding that the old home clippers operated by the two of us are not sufficient to keep him looking professional for his job. Thank you Lord!!

Lunch at Lancaster Taphouse was, as always, delicious. My husband had a burger and a giant serving of yam fries while I enjoyed my usual small plate of steak, potatoes and a favourite vegetable mix.  The two shrimp on top are my big cholesterol cheat for the week.  YUMMY!

Now we are home again and the turkey I have been thawing in the refrigerator finally reached a point of being able to be roasted.  It should be ready at about 7pm, so my husband is gearing up to make stuffing and gravy  I will do the potatoes, peas and carrots. I won't have to cook one thing while he is away this week.  YIPPEE!!

The sky has been steel grey all day, but this afternoon there is a bit more light in the sky, keeping the day from feeling unbearably gloomy.  It is wonderfully warm too.  Tomorrow it is supposed to snow, so it will be a good day to get my husband to the airport in the morning, then swing by the grocery store for some produce, before hunkering down inside at home for the rest of the day.  I have a dinner "date" for Tuesday evening and then my husband will be back Wednesday evening.  There isn't a lot of time I have to fill as he is away for such a short time. I had orginally thought I would head into Moose Jaw on Monday but the snow has effectively changed my mind!

Thursday evening is the last weeknight practise for our Easter Seasonal Choir, then I think we have a big dress rehearsal with the other participants on Sunday afternoon before that evening's performance.  Wow, I am going to REALLY miss this little ragtag choir and the other people in it.  I chatted today with a friend who is in the South Pacific performance and she is a bit disappointed in how that is going, so I am ever so glad now I wasn't able to participate in it after all.  I just hope it doesn't put my friend off from auditioning for more events like that, other choirs, later this year. She has a music degree and a lovely singing voice that she doesn't get to use often enough. 

Tonight my husband wants us to have a movie night here at home.  Most of the Academy Award nominated movies are available on our tv movie network now.  Once he decides which one he wants to watch we will eat our late night turkey dinner and enjoy the show.

So, my husband heads to Winnipeg tomorrow, our son leaves for Vancouver on Tuesday and my sister in law leaves for a road trip in southern Alberta on Wednesday.  Lord, grant all of them safe travel and a really good time of visiting with their friends and colleagues, as well as accomplishing the various tasks they are setting out to perform. Amen!


chris e. said...

The BCP...ahhh, hear what comfortable words!

Susan said...

They are indeed comfortable words “for us and for our salvation....”