Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Just Trippin' 'Round the Town

I woke up today with no particular plans other than getting my lab work done, but the day has turned out very nicely.

While I was standing in line at 6:30am waiting for the lab to open, I had a good chat with the fellow standing behind me.  He has suffered from high cholesterol and side effects from statins for several years. Finally he got fed up with having his dosage raised every 6 months to a year and experiencing the terrible muscle aches and pains the statins gave him.  In desperation he went to one of our local health food stores and got a product that is supposed to lower cholesterol naturally and within 6 months it certainly worked wonderfully well for him.  I will see what today's lab tests results are when I go to the doctor next week and if this statin isn't working well, I think I will investigate further the natural food product I learned about from this fellow.  He is not what you would call "natural products" friendly and was driven by frustrating meds side effects to try this product, skepticism and all, but he is certainly in favour of this particular health product now.

I got the car back in plenty of time for my husband to drive it to school.  He has enjoyed the course, mostly because it is so easy and none of it is new to him, but he is well aware of how much work is piling up at the office again due to his absence.  Hopefully he will be able to accomplish a LOT on Thursday when he is finally there again.  He will be late home for dinner this evening as he has a meeting to go to right after class.

So, what to do with the rest of my day.  I caught a glimpse of my hairdo in the mirror at the lab and realized it has been 2 weeks too many since my last cut, so I called the stylist at 9:30am and was able to take advantage of an afternoon cancellation at 2pm.  That decided the rest of my day.  I hopped on the bus at 11:30am and headed down to Cornwall Centre where my stylist works.  I had a salad and a bowl of lentil soup at Zam's, then I did a ton of banking that normally I would have left for a few more days if our weather forecast was not going to be so ugly starting about 24 hours from now and lasting for an entire week!  (ICE AND MORE ICE!)  I purchased a birthday card for our son and got that mailed off to New York.  He called as well and we had a bit of a chat while I sat outside one of the downtown banks in the warm wind and sunshine.  It was lovely.  He is CRAZY busy in Vancouver this week, but not overly stressed about all the work there is to do and all the friends that must be seen. hahaha  He is just like his mom that way: work on the project until it is completely finished and then cram every spare minute with friends and feasting.  Yup, a man after his mother's own heart. haha

I wandered through Cornwall Centre for an hour and found a few little Easter gifties for people we are going to see this weekend. They are entertaining us in their homes and I have no Easter dinners to prepare, no big cleaning spree to exhaust myself with due to company coming.  Instead of having more people into our home, as was our New Years Resolution for 2018, we are getting more into the Japanese way of taking guests out for dinner or coffee instead...I kinda like it actually!! haha  So, since we are going out to other peoples' homes, I will take a few easter treats with me.  FUN!

I am completely exhausted, but I was on my feet for a good 2 hours after lunch, racing for the bus just as it was about to pull out of its downtown bay when I wanted to come home got my heart rate up and got my lungs pumping. Thank you God that I didn't slip on the ice and end up in broken pieces on the sidewalk....what was I thinking????  I could have fallen so easily!  It wouldn't have killed me to continue shopping for another half hour until the next bus came!  Dumb, dumb, dumb!!!!

Anyway, speaking of exhausted I think I am going to lie down now and have a wee nap!!!  Yawn.........

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