Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Ow! HTSH...OW! HTSH....Owwww.....

Today I am thanking God for my fairly high pain tolerance!  I just came back from seeing the doctor and he comfirmed my suspicion that there is an ugly Plantar's Wart growing on the sole of my foot!  Yucko!! We discussed what is best to do about treating it and decided that today he would give me a liquid nitrogen treatment to see how it responds.  Those danged treatments are rather painful, but the intense pain lasted for only a few seconds each time the doctor applied it to the area with a wooden applicator.  Then, after a brief respite from the discomfort, just long enough to drive home again, the dull ache began and it will probably irritate me for the rest of the day.  I am glad I all ready moved my housework into tomorrow and the next day.  Today I am putting my foot up and relaxing a LOT! haha  Lady of Leisure...that's me! hahaha  I talked to the doctor about digging the wart out of my foot like my old timey GP did when I was younger, but, as this doctor told me, that isn't always effective either. I know that from past experience! I will return to the doctor in 3 to 4 weeks and see how things are going.  If liquid nitrogen treatments are the worst thing I have to endure to eventually kill this dumb wart, then I am ahead of the game and life is good!!  Praying...

The sun is shining so beautifully, distracting me from the fact that the temperature dipped last night to -21C and is only -17C now, just before noon.  We are to have another cold night tonight and then the temperature will begin a slow rise.  O Lord, may it be a VERY slow rise to keep the amount of basement flooding around this city to a minumum as the giant piles of snow from the recent storm begin to melt.

Our next door neighbour, bless his heart, enjoys shoveling as much as I do and last night I heard him scraping snow away from the foundation of our suite, as well as digging me a wider path out to my car then the narrow "goat track" I settled for digging out myself yesterday.  How kind of him!!  He says he gets sore muscles from sitting at his desk at work most of the day and loves to shovel as a form of exercise and recreation.  I am delighted and my husband is over the moon.  It really bothers him to see me shoveling so much, but I can't let him near the shovel. He has never learned to go at the chore slowly and makes himself so winded after even a short time of snow removal that it frightens me.  I know how to take my time and not tire myself out overly much.

I was checking my calendar the other day and realizing it was going to be possible to get out to my own church for a couple of Sundays this month.  The following day I received an invitation from two musical friends there to join them in singing a hymn as a trio later this month. That will involve two Sunday. Guess which Sundays they are! Yup, the very two I am able to attend!  Great timing, eh?

I am waiting to find out if I am going to be able to go along with my husband and the Bishop in a couple of days when they head out to our own former parish for the induction of a new priest there.  I am really hoping it will be possible, not that I will have a fit if it isn't, but I figured I wouldn't know if I didn't ask.  Our Bishop has been away a lot lately, so it might not be appropriate for me to go along in case he is wanting to use the hours of driving time to discuss Diocesan issues with my husband.  If there are any more storms in the forecast I won't go even if I am allowed to!  If they have to battle drifting snow and ice on the highways they are on their own.  I did sufficient battle on those roads over the 5 years we were there and I am not up for it any more! hahaha

Some good news on the health front: Cee has put on a few pounds over the past week.  We are not saying that too loudly just in case it proves a temporary respite, but the meds he was put on to help  with his symptoms have been working well thus far.  More appointments with specialists are on the horizon. Keep praying!

Also, very elderly friend Wally had a terrible fall about 3 weeks ago and broke a hip.  The hospital in his town was not equipped to deal with the other issues that could come up with surgery in his case so they sent him to a larger centre.  After several excruciatingly painful days there while the surgeons had to decide if he would even be able to live through the surgery, some things about his pain began to change. So, more X-rays and other bone tests were taken.  There was zero evidence of a fracture, but some deep bone bruising instead.  Hmmm...did we get an answer to prayer about some healing for this dear senior, who struggles so mightily against such intense pain and maintains the most amazing attitude?  Wally was sent back to his home town hospital on the weekend and the doctors there did not believe the test results from the larger city hospital, so they took their own tests and lo and behold...NO FRACTURE!  Wally is starting physiotherapy now and while he has a long road to a better recovery, he will not have to risk having surgery. Thank you Lord for this amazing answer to prayer. 

My dear friend La Pen is having some serious medical tests on her liver. I am concerned for her.  Praying......

Guess that's all for today.  Time to lay on the couch with my foot in the air and pretend I am actually in enough pain to warrant taking the rest of the day off from housework once the load of laundry presently in the washer is dried and put away.

Blessings all!

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