Tuesday, March 27, 2018

So Much For The In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb March Weather Theory!

The weather is freaking me out just a little bit!  This afternoon we reached a high temperature of +4C and despite a brisk, chilly wind, the snow piles were melting.  Just after dinner we had a big downpour of rain and it is going down to -12C overnight with a daytime high of only -6C.

Drat!  It means I am going to be housbound again for most of the Easter weekend.  More snow showers are forecast for Good Friday and the temperature is not going above zero again for over a week.  In fact the daytime highs won't be above -9C for the entire period and the car will have to be plugged in at nights once again.

I admit I am a bit discouraged.  It takes a lot to discourage me, but this never ending winter season is doing it big time.  

March came in with freezing weather and storms and is going out the same way.  

Shoot!  I have one more bank I need to get to before Friday and had planned to go tomorrow, but I think I will wait now until I go for lunch with a friend on Thursday.  

Oh, wait a minute....actually, that will be fine because I can clean house tomorrow when I am stuck indoors.  

There see, all ready I am less discouraged. It doesn't take much to get me over it.

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