Friday, March 9, 2018

So....It Never Rains, But It......SNOWS! Hahahahaha!!

Yup, the clear, dry highways for our trip today are now covered with snow and drifting snow, all the way to our destination.  hahaha  Spring on the prairies...what can I say, right?  None of this snow was forecast before we went to sleep last night, but we woke up to it at 6am.  At least there isn't a lot of snow, just a few centimeters, but how annoying.  I am glad we are not leaving immediately. My husband had to go into the office for a few hours this morning and I think the delay will give the highways a chance to clear off a bit.  The only decision now is which route to take. Which route will have the best chance of having been cleared if the snowploughs had to come out along the way?  Should we take the risk of driving the shorter route that is less travelled, or suck it up and take the longer route on the more popular highways?

Still and all, I am glad for the upcoming change of scene.  Choir practise went well again last night, I am looking forward to trio rehearsal on Sunday morning, there are other events coming up that will be fun, but I was all prepared for a quick change of scenery in February prior to our aborted trip west.  There will be some good trips coming up in the later spring, but I am ready NOW to get away, even on this working trip of my husband's.  I won't see much of him and will have to find ways of amusing myself this evening and tomorrow afternoon while he has meetings, but it will be in a different town; one I am familiar with but haven't been to in awhile.  I am just ready for winter to be over I guess, ready to drop that feeling of being caged in month after month.

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