Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Some More Positive Answers for Cee

Just received an update from Cee's wife: his results are in on a biopsy and there is NO cancer!  Praising God for this great news. He does have an infection in the area that is being treated with incredibly expensive antibiotics not covered by his health plan, but at least he is able to get some help.  He has also been able to be scheduled for a minor surgery that he has had to cancel at least once previously because he was too ill to manage it.  That is happening in a few days.  Shortly afterward an appointment has been scheduled with one of the two remaining specialists he has been waiting on, leaving only one more new doctor to hear from for an appointment.  He is feeling a little better and with somewhat more stable weight since starting on the meds I mentioned a few posts ago, but he is still in need of a specific diagnosis.  

Okay Lord, these people have waited quite long enough, right? It must soon be time to find the source of this huge and ongoing issue, right?  We are all happy to pray while we wait, but it would be wonderful for Cee to find out what is going on and get more specific help in getting it looked after, right? Thank you Lord, and AMEN!

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