Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sometimes The Extra Work IS Worth It!!

O my goodness....I am SO full after my dinner....AGAIN....!!!!  

My husband decided this afternoon that he would not be content with eating hot turkey sandwiches for dinner.  Originally all either of us wanted was to cook my wonderful little discount turkey, then strip the carcass for sandwiches tonight and a freezer full of cooked meat for future use.  Seriously, that was our plan because cooking a turkey dinner requires lots of foresight and planning in advance.

Well, not today it didn't!

Just as I was putting the turkey into the oven at 2:30pm, my husband appeared in the kitchen with a pleading look on his face and a whining voice:  "Please, please, o please, could we have potatoes and stuffing and gravy and peas tonight with that fresh turkey?  Please, o please, o please??? Can we? Can we? Can we?? PULLLEEEASE????" 

He was so excited I couldn't say "No!"  When he offered to make the stuffing and the gravy, without my even suggesting it, he cinched the deal.  We had a great time together getting the rest of the dinner prepared.

It was SOOOOOO tasty that I didn't even mind the nearly 90 minutes it took me after dinner to put away the food, strip down the carcass, bag the bones for soup making later on and wash what seemed to be a mountain of dishes.  That tells you just how tasty it was!  No complaining from me about the clean up afterward??  Yup, tasty indeed!  My husband used that 90 minutes to finalize his preparation to fly to Winnipeg in the morning, so he wouldn't be up half the night or racing madly about tomorrow at 6am tossing items into his suitcase.

Sometimes a little extra work is well rewarded!  Burp!!!

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