Friday, March 23, 2018

Spring Storm...Meh.....

I am relieved that so far the highways my sister in law will be travelling on today in Alberta are pretty much clear of snow and ice.  Most of the terrible road conditions are to the east of her route and much farther north than her final destination.  However, we are still praying for her drive because of how quickly conditions can change.  We scoped out the highway cameras and it all looks good at mid morning.

Here in Regina conditions are finally deteriorating.  We were awake half the night from the horrendous winds that made our building sound like it was going to fall down around us, but got up this morning to nary a snowflake.  Finally at around 9am the snow showers began. Now, 2 hours later, it is snowing a bit more heavily.  The flakes are wet and heavy and large, making for icy slush build up starting on the area highways.  The sections of highway around the province where travel is not recommended due to the thickness of the icy slush, the drifting and whiteout conditions, are slowly growing in number.  This is truly a spring storm.  The temperature is just below zero, but the pavement surfaces are warm due to the traffic volume, perfect for melting and refreezing over short periods of time. The winds are blowing the snow into the melting sections where it is sticking to the road and then turning to ice.  The whiteout conditions make it incredibly dangerous to be trying to go outside town and city limits.  Praying everyone who has to travel will be able to stay safe.  The predicted snow accummulation has dropped from 20cm to 10cm and the storm is to move off into Manitoba by around dinner time this evening instead of sometime tomorrow.  We have to drive to the licensing bureau tomorrow morning to renew my husband's drivers license and have a new photo taken for it. Wonder what the city street conditions will be like by then.  I wish these darned storms would come on during the week when the city has full crews out to clear off the mess, instead of on the weekends when there are fewer crews on the job.

Last evening was our final Easter Seasonal Choir rehearsal.  I am happy for the director that 3 or 4 people from one of his other choirs will be joining us for the dress rehearsal and concert on Sunday afternoon.  They will add to our sound quite considerably and we need more strength in our voices.  Too many of us are into the seniors and nearly seniors categories, so while the voices are good, they are not as powerful as they once were.  We get to wear blue choir gowns and I am delighted about that.  People can focus on what we are singing and not our personal attire.  It will be a long evening, but a wonderful one I think.  The addition of a  violinist for two of our pieces is a great boost for us. She rehearsed with us last night and o my, she is a very gifted highschool student on her instrument.  WOW!  It will be a long night for me. We have to be at dress rehearsal by 4:30pm, bringing snacks for all to share in between the rehearsal and performance. I am going to have to bring my dinner or I won't last until it is over without passing out.  Knowing how long most of our director's programmes tend to be, I am guessing my husband and I won't be on our way home until close to 10pm!  Sure am looking forward to it though.  What a lovely way to celebrate Palm Sunday and my husband's 66th birthday.  Our 41st anniversary is the next day, but we will do our celebrating at a later date as I have to fast from 6pm that night until my lab work the next morning. The day after that I start a crowning process on another tooth, then it is Easter.....yeah, we will celebrate once Easter is over with. Maybe we will celebrate in Calgary if we can get there sometime after Easter to help my parents for a couple of days.

We now have 3 invitations to Easter Sunday dinner.  It is incredibly difficult to have had to say no to 2 of them.  Sigh.....we have very few close friends right here in town, so losing an opportunity to be with several of those we do have is very, very upsetting!  O well, such is life and we are intensely grateful to be thought of at the Easter season by those we love.  Our own plans for the new year to have more company into our home for dinner have been scuttled thus far by my husband's health issues, but hopefully once the Easter season is over we can implement our plan at last!

This morning my husband went into work later than usual as he was so tired from the winds keeping him awake last night. He can work into the evening instead.  It is nice that there is still some flexibility for his work schedule despite it being essentially an "office job".  We took advantage of the hour before he did go to work to have a serious discussion about our future and came to some decisons that I will share at a later date.  We have peace and also a sense of excitement that have both been missing lately when discussing that issue.  We will see what the Lord makes of our decisions and then we will share when it is appropriate.  In the meantime continued prayers for us are very much valued and appreciated.

The snow is finally accummulating on the ground outside.  The snowfall has reached that beautiful stage where the big flakes are swirling around in all directions and the ground is pristine white.  By late this afternoon the traffic is going to be in a bit of a mess I am guessing, but by tomorrow the streets should be at least somewhat navigable if the snow stops when predicted by this morning's forecast.

Happy Prairie Spring!   

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