Saturday, March 17, 2018

Stupid Snow

Remember previous posts where I was so excited about the onset of spring and the spring storms that inevitably  happen throughout  the month of March?

Well....scratch that!!

It only took me two or three days over the past week to get used to having snow puddles and melted off dry sections of pavement and sidewalks and now this morning it is snowing again.  Waaaaahhhh, why did I think I like this time of year???

Supposedly this "light snow" (huh??) will be ending just after the noon hour, but unless the temperature warms the snowfall sufficiently to melt it and the winds pick up the resulting water to dry up the wetness, it is going to be a complete ice patch out there tomorrow morning...right about the time I have to get up early enough to get the car de-iced and crawl along the streets to church to sing in the trio.  


BUT, APRIL is coming!  The weather has to be better in a couple of weeks when April arrives, right?  Yeah...April. That is when I will enjoy better weather, fewer storms, the melting of the rest of the ice.  Ahhhh, April......

Let's hear it for April and forget about all my rhapsodizing over the storms of March!

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