Friday, March 16, 2018

The Best Laid Plans....Can Be Happily Changed

Although my husband is recovering amazingly well from his latest CFS episode, he is, nevertheless, "running on empty", trying to stay sweet until his day off on Sunday.  He had to cram 4 days worth of office work into the last 2 days to make up for missing office time to take yet another management course that was filled with the exact same information as every other management course he has taken for every other job that requires it. Sigh....but, as he says, at least it was a change of pace.  

Today is the special annual Blessing of the Oils rites and rituals over at the Cathedral.  All the diocesan clergy will be present and my husband was certainly looking forward to it when he left this morning.  He enjoys the service and the fellowship over lunch and tea break.  Tomorrow he will attend the Diocesan Council meeting and then at last have a day off after missing all of them for the past two weeks.

The only hassle for me is that he forgot to let me know he needed to take our car to work again today and tomorrow.  It is funny, but I had a feeling yesterday afternoon I should force myself to go out a third time that day to do those errands, but was tired enough I didn't obey the impulse.  

However, it has worked out just fine!  I decided to take the bus up to Cornwall Centre and make use of the post office and banks downtown.  It was good fun, there was lots of walking exercise I would have missed out on had I driven to my original location, plus I was able to purchase a salad at Zam Zam Wraps and enjoy a most happy lunch hour.

I just missed the bus home, so that forced me to do a lot of walking after my lunch.  I window shopped, I found a new watch strap at The Bay to replace the tacky old one I have had on that watch for the past nearly 8 years and the fellow who put it on did a great job.  Also at the Bay I was able to take advantage of a 70% off sale on a summer top that matches an odd coloured pair of pants I purchased last year and then hardly ever got to wear.  $15 for a Halston pret-a-porter is a good deal!  Tomorrow I am going to bring up the summer clothes bins and take a much harder look at the older items I couldn't bring myself to get rid of when I packed the bins in September last year.  Now that I have a new pair of pants, 2 tops and a dress for the coming spring and summer, perhaps I can look at my old things more realistically and get rid of a couple of things more happily.  I think I have been living in fear over the past 4 years of regaining all the weight I lost, but now that it is obvious I don't have to be so worried, I need to get rid of the last few things that didn't fit me properly the last 2 or 3 summers and still won't this summer!

Before I went downtown I washed a couple of loads of clothes for my husband so he can get packed up for his meetings in Winnipeg next week.  It is time to go and iron some pants for him.  I will do my own laundry tomorrow while I cook up the turkey that is nearly thawed, sitting on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.  It is going to be just grand having lots of pre-cooked meat to enjoy over the next few weeks.  I detest cooking meat every day. I don't like the smell of cooking meat of any kind and it will be nice to be free of that odor for awhile.  It will certainly simplify meal preparation as well!  Yay big turkey!!

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