Friday, March 23, 2018

The Shovelling Makes It Fun Outside On Stormy Days

Just in after my first shovelling out of our back deck, steps and pathway to the car, around the car and through the bit of pathway my husband dug out after the last storm for people passing our place to get to the bus stop out on the street.  Gotta was a lot of fun!  The snow is heavy and wet, so it took awhile and it will have to be done at least twice more before bedtime this evening, but that is okay.  Great exercise for me.  

The moisture on the windows has turned into ribbons of lacy ice.  They are beautiful, but cleaning the same sort of ice ribbons from the bottom of my back door so I could open and shut it was not that pleasant.  Chip, chip, chip...wipe, wipe, wipe, open door, broom snow and ice build up from around the door frame, close door.  Yikes! I suspect a couple of hours from now it will be a case of "second verse, same as the first".

It has been a good day for exercise.  Earlier on I washed a big load of shirts and pants for my husband. Now they are dried, ironed and put away...a good morning's work.

Just called mom's and dad's residence and booked ourselves a guest suite there for mid April.  Although we can only be there a couple of days it should be enough time to purchase a proper file cabinet for them and take them on some errands, maybe a doctor's appointment, before we have to race home again.  If we don't take that couple of days and go then it will be June holidays before we get another chance...the end of June at that.  Looking forward to being able to help them out a bit for a change.  As much as they enjoy the gift boxes I send to them every few weeks, it isn't the same as actually being there to help them out in more practical ways.  Things seem to be coming together better for this possible trip than they did for the last attempt. YAY! Here's hoping anyway!

Thursday it appears I will be able to go out for lunch with a friend who will be in town for the day while her husband is having a medical procedure.  She wants to go for Indian food and asked me to pick a, that is really a case of me deciding which places to "unpick"!  I think we will try Tandoori Kabab again.  I cannot remember if Thursday is a buffet day, but if it isn't, no matter.  The menu is comprehensive.  If going there doesn't pan out, then there is always the equally delicious Afghan buffet just another few blocks up the road from there.  It is all good.  Going out for lunch on Thursday will be like a reward for all the medical procedures I have in the days leading up to it. hahahaha

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