Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Sun Shines On Our Son

It has been a very good day today.  Finally, after 3 days of dragging myself around this suite, I completed the "weekly" cleaning.  Next week I should have more energy and get it done in a day or two.  I took myself to the nearest grocery store this morning instead of the one I prefer as I was still tired.The weekend wore me out. 

Got a good "shot in the arm" though tonight.  Our son called and he talked for an hour...not WE talked, HE talked. hahaha  He was flying pretty high on happiness.  His girlfriend (girl friend??) spent the past week with him in New York and this evening she caught her flight to Paris to begin her new and very unexpected job there.  They had a wonderful time and while he is sad to lose her to a different continent, he is also thrilled for her to have an amazing opportunity in her field of photography.

He was also jazzed about a church service they attended on the weekend.  It is a church plant, one of 4 in the NYC area, by the C-3 group from Australia.  We are amazed that he enjoyed it so much after spending most of his adult life shunning any sort of organized Christian fellowship.  However, he is sick to death of having his faith ridiculed and dismissed by the other people in his artistic circles and when the opportunity presented itself to try out this particular fellowship, he jumped at it.  While he is not blind to the same issues there that put him off church for so many years, he is desperate enough to talk to people of more like mind spiritually that he will likely return least that is our prayer!  He went because his visiting girlfriend's friend is doing an internship at that church and the two girls wanted to get together.  After the service, which left him feeling very much like he could fit into that particular church community, 4 of them went out for dinner and had a wonderful time together.  One of the prayer requests that both he and ourselves had when he first talked about moving to NYC, was that he would be able to reconnect with the Christian community in a new way.  Perhaps this is the beginning of an answer to that prayer.  The church meets in a building within easy travelling distance from where he lives and he currently has weekends off work,'s hoping anyway.  This is a prayer request his dad and I can really throw ourselves into as interceding for our son has been a big part of our prayer life for the past 20 years.

Work is going well for him.  He has 2 part time jobs that will begin to mesh well at the beginning of April.  He enjoys working for the artist he has been employed by for the past couple of months, but is also intrigued by the lighting position he will assume as well in April. He has to learn a new computer programme prior to that time so we pray he will find it relatively easy to learn, so that he can retain the position.  It is a new field for him and he is excited to learn more about it.

We are jazzed the he is so excited about our plan to come to visit him in June.  He has it on his calendar all ready and is eager to show us his favourite haunts in the city.  Since we will probably be too terrified to go anywhere without him to shepherd us about the place, this is a good thing!!!  

So, we laughed a lot with him tonight....just the way the 3 of us used to laugh together about anything and everything after what seems so many years ago now.  To see him being restored to mental, physical and spiritual health is amazing and wonderful for us.  Our son disappeared a long time ago into a mess of problems and is finally getting free.  We praise God for it.  He is returning to Vancouver at the end of this month for about 10 days so that he can pack up the rest of his belongings and make life more physically comfortable back at his new home.  It will be good for him to see his friends there and to figure out just how much he has changed for the happier in the past year. 

Thank you Lord for our son.  Thank you that he finally has a desire to possibly seek a faith community and leave the hurts of the past behind.  We pray he will find his way through life and that this trend back toward happiness will be long lived. Amen.

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