Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Three Hours Later and I'm Still Shaking!

Three hours ago I was within a few blocks of the restaurant where I was to meet my friend for a leisurely dinner.  The rush hour traffic was rather slow so I was waiting in a line up of cars for what appeared to be a two light delay at the upcoming set of traffic lights. There was a large, empty school bus right in front of me.

As we were sitting waiting for the light to change so we could begin the next slow crawl forward, a pedestrian from the far side of the street decided to jay walk and he passed by right in front of my vehicle.  He was carrying a large cardboard cup of take out coffee and as he passed the front of my stopped vehicle, he put his hand lightly onto the hood of my car and proceded to leap out into the lane to my right, virtually empty of cars as it is mainly a turning lane into a business compound.

Unfortunately for that man, it was not completely empty.  The second vehicle waiting behind me had just moved into that lane and, although he was not able to travel very quickly, as the man leapt from in front of my car and into that lane, the slow moving car clipped the fellow at just the right speed and angle to helicopter him into the side of the still stopped school bus just as it was about to move forward.  The bus hit its brakes as soon as the driver felt the impact, which was very good because after the man hit the side of the bus he slumped down onto the road with his head partly under the bus.  

The driver of the car opened his door and got out, obviously in shock.  Although he had his phone in his hand, he wasn't calling 911, so I pulled out my cell and made the call.  After answering all the questions I could about our location and the condition of the man, they dispatched an ambulance.  Over the next 10 minutes the city police, firemen and the ambulance with some very good paramedics arrived on scene.  The ascertained that the man's leg was pretty much shattered and while they injected him with morphine so they could transfer him onto a stretcher, several of us who witnessed the accident filled out witness reports.  The accident was definitely not the driver's fault. He couldn't have seen the man standing in front of my vehicle as he was pulling out to pass me.  Why the fellow who got hit didn't see the car, I don't know, but it seemed that he didn't attempt to stop his forward momentum as he was turning his head to look into that lane. I am not sure he could have pulled up short even if the oncoming car had registered with him.

A half hour after the accident I was on my way to the restaurant to meet my friend, who was herself mercifully late in arriving for other reasons.  It gave me time to calm myself and have a good hot drink of strong green tea before she got there.

We had a most excellent meal at Tandoori Kebab.  I haven't eaten there is over a year and it was good to return for such hearty and delicious Indian food.  I had the chicken jalfrezi and although it was not cooked with onions and pepper as advertised, but with mixed frozen veggies from a bag instead, the jalfrezi sauce was so good it made those sad little veggie pieces taste like they had been freshly prepared.  The chicken was tender and plentiful.  My friend ordered a lamb curry and thoroughly enjoyed it. We each tasted the other's dish and I think next time I go I will order that lamb entree. Delish!! The freshly baked naan were delicious, three huge pieces, and I had a coupon that allowed us to get them for free.  We were also given a complimentary appetizer, the name of which I now forget, but it was fantastic!  It consisted of small rolls of crisped chick pea flour and teensy cubes of potato and shreds of cilantro in a sweet and creamy sauce.  It was probably too sweet for me today, since I took full advantage of the banana loaf I made this morning and ate my maximum allowed amount at lunch time...and "then some" I am guessing. Sigh....SO GOOD!!

I thought I had recovered over dinner and a nice long visit with my friend, but as I was taking off my boots back at home and bent over to undo the zippers, I felt extremely light headed for a few seconds.  That is when I realized my hands were shaking.  I sat down on the couch and allowed myself to relive the accident I had witnessed and then felt much better.  I spent some time praying for both the victim and the driver who hit him, allowed myself to relive a bit of the memory of my own similar accident so many years ago....in my case I got hit in front of a bus, rather than behind it! haha  Then my husband phoned from Winnipeg, I unloaded the story to him and we had a good talk.  Things are going well in Winnipeg at his meetings and I am delighted for him about that.

I am grateful that the man that was hit was not more seriously hurt.  While he shouldn't have been jay walking and being so careless in rush hour traffic, I can't help feeling just terrible that he ended up with a badly broken leg. I am grateful it wasn't worse.  If that bus had pulled forward he could have had a very serious head injury.  Thank you Lord that it wasn't an even worse accident. Thank you that the driver was so concerned about the injured man and didn't allow his own shock to cause him to berate the man for walking out in front of him.  Please help the driver Lord to forgive himself and to get over the shock very soon.

I don't think I will sleep very well tonight, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.  The older I get it seems the worse shocking sights bother me.  Thank you Lord that I kept my head long enough to call 911 and actually answer the questions somewhat sensibly.  I could have done better, but at least I wasn't totally useless.  Thank you Lord for that.

Well, I think I will go and watch a bit of tv now that I have downloaded this story from my brain for the third time tonight. Time to let it go and think about something else. I'm not even going to proofread this to check for spelling errors as I need to think about other things. Please forgive whatever typos there are in this post. Thank you.

I also want to do some more praying for my son as he enters Vancouver...not sure if he is there yet or still enroute.  I just hope his flight wasn't one of the many cancelled today from JFK as being deemed insufficiently full to bother flying.


Susan Erlenbach said...

That's not a fun sight to have witnessed. Good for you for calling 911 and keeping your head about you to deal with the shocking accident . I too am happy he wasn't injured worse.
Praying you have an amazing sleep tonight!
Blessings my friend

Susan said...

Thank you Susan. Your prayers are appreciated. I don’t deal well with reality when it involves other peoples’ suffering. Prayers will help me not spend the night reliving it. Bless you too!

Penny said...

read this post this morning.
praying for all involved - victim, driver, witnesses, first responders etc.
I hope you felt God's calming hand on you all night and that you were able to rest.


Susan said...

Thanks Penny for praying for e eryone. I did have a great sleep only waking up once to relive it. I pray that man’s leg can be fixed up and healed.

Susan said...

Thanks friends and family for your prayers and concerns for this man, the driver and the witnesses. I have no way of finding out what has happened to the man or the driver, but I pray they are coping today. Obviously there are some wonderfully caring family and friends reading this post and I grateful for your willingness to pray for people none of us even know.

chris e. said...

You did well! Having fielded quite a few pedestrian/motor vehicle and hit and run emergency calls, I can tell you it is a rare thing when the person calling in is anything but a gibbering idiot. Pat yourself on the back (and proceed to Extra Carbohydrate Reward, do not pass Go) for getting the ems guys to the scene!
Too bad about the fellow who got hit. I hope he is young enough he heals quickly.