Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Utterly Sated...OMG (O My Gut!!)

My husband, bless him, decided I was too tired tonight to make dinner. He also had a time limited coupon for a free order of loukades (deep fried lumps of dough covered in honey, cinnamon and sesame seeds) from Mr. Greek burning a hole in his wallet, so that is where we went to eat.

O. My. Aching. Happy. Tummy.

We had not eaten there before and I wasn’t terribly keen on the idea, to be honest. Mr. Greek is the competition for the other Greek fast food chain, Opa!. Fast food is the only (edible) Greek food that is available in Regina, unfortunately.

Well, the prices are no worse there than anywhere else, so I ordered a full plate chicken gyro with three sides: grilled mixed veggies, Greek-like salad, (the lettuce/tomato one that is only Greek by the addition of a couple of kalamata olives, English cucumber rounds and feta, but still tastes nice), and roast potatoes. My husband had chicken grilled on a spit and skewered, the same salad and potatoes, plus a plate of pita. The pita was not great...thin and tasteless and only a bit of herbed sour cream for dipping, but we both enjoyed the rest of our meals. The salad ingredients were fresh. Bonus! My chicken was fresh and chopped up right there for cooking, not brought in from elsewhere. The potatoes were huge, cooked beautifully and the veggie mix of eggplant, carrots, yellow and green zucchini was delicious. I knew I should only eat half the huge portion and bring the rest home, but it was so yummy I ate the whole thing. Two, two, two meals in one!

Now, I have to say that while I preferred this meal to any I have had from Opa!, it was because of all the butter and oil everything was cooked in. My plate was a sea of melted butter swimming in olive oil after the food was gone. The grilled veggies were actually grilled to near mush, but for my digestive system, that is how they have to be, so it was not a strike against them for me, personally.

Since I have cut out high cholesterol foods so diligently over the past 8 weeks and not enjoyed most of my meals as a result, eating something so tasty was like heaven! Sigh.....

Now it is bedtime and my tummy feels like it has an elephant in it....I am still SO full! I probably won’t sleep well. It is a bit stressful to realize I was able to put away that much food in one setting, no sense of restraint whatsoever! Eek! So, I am sorry body that I did this to you, but my tastebuds had a rebellion tonight. However stuffed and over amped I now feel, it is worth every greasy, delicious mouthful!

Might as well make the cholesterol meds work hard enough to justify risking permanent body damage by taking them, right?

Ooooooh, I am SO full of food........yummy.......bloat......

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Susan said...

PS Yes, Auntie Phyl, I did my exercises after that giant meal: 65 minutes worth. And I slept very well all night, the best sleep on a week!