Saturday, March 3, 2018

Walkin In Our Winter Wonderland!

My husband walked in the door after work this afternoon and declared it a perfect day for us to take a walk to the grocery store together, so we could enjoy the thick snowfall.  There was no wind to speak of, so we got ourselves all parka'd and booted and off we went.  We didn't really need anything at the store, but we did think of one thing to get and that gave us the excuse we needed to be outside sliding around on the ice that is under part of the new snow.  I hung onto my husband's arm the entire way and he took his mountain walking stick for balance.  It was a LOT of fun being out there.  We had to shake an awful lot of snow off our parkas before we entered the store. We looked like a couple of snowmen.  haha  Really fun to have the chance to get out there for a walk. Just after we got back the wind started to get up a bit and it won't be nearly as pleasant now to be out there.  I brought the shovel inside from the back deck as I suspect I will need it to be able to force the bottom of the back door open against the piled up fresh snow come morning.  We have at least 5cm all ready and may have as many as 20-25cm more by Monday morning.  Wow, it was so great to be outside in the mild air, watching the beautiful flakes landing on our coats and mittens. I think I will be awarding our first spring storm a 10 out of 10 IF the wind really gets blowing and drifting the snow into interesting formations!!

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