Saturday, March 3, 2018

What a Difference A Good Night's Sleep Makes!

Last night the pre-storm winds arrived here in Regina.  Our townhouse building was rocking and popping and banging as the wind blew in under some of the loose pieces of siding.  My poor husband was awake for a long time in the middle of the night feeling like his corner of the building was going to blow right off!

I however slept like the proverbial "log".  As soon as the worst of the winds started I could feel my whole body relaxing.  What a great sleep I had after such a dismal attempt the night before.  As soon as the building started creaking and swaying I could feel my whole body relax and I slept incredibly well.  Apparently my husband got up at 4:30am to make himself a cup of tea and a peanut butter sandwich, but I heard nothing. I had no idea he was up and about.  What a wonderful rest I had.  There was no laying awake plotting medical appointments, organizing next week's bag lunch ideas for my husband, planning a trip to Calgary to see my parents next month in order to utilize all the days off my husband will miss this month and will have to make up for, just blessed sleep!! 

Today I will at least get the laundry done.  Cleaning is still a bit too much unless I only clean half the suite, but it will be Tuesday afternoon before I can get to the rest of it.  I can clean the bathroom and wash the linoleum floors...yes, that will be a good thing to do this afteroon.  There, my day is planned.

I am disappointed to have to miss the funeral of one of the former singers I was in choir with here for awhile.  He was elderly and had been in bad health for some time, but that man could sing so well despite it all. He was also a marvellous story teller.  His wife has taken wonderful care of him for the last several years and wants those of us who sang with him in choirs to come and sing in the funeral choir, but my husband and I have an appointment at the same time as the funeral.  Due to my husband's loss of the rest of his Mondays off this month there is no other day we can schedule it, so I will have to miss the funeral all together.  O in peace Tom.

Part one of a two part storm system is blowing in here.  We were to be the recipients of a bad storm blowing up from Colorado that was to hit here Sunday evening, but now we have a storm arriving later this afternoon that will bring us an opening 10cm of snow before part two arrives.  Not sure what today's snowfall and winds will do to our plans for tomorrow, but at least I know we have sufficient groceries on hand if we do have to hunker down for a couple of days.  I love spring storms!!  Can't wait to see how much snow we have, how high the wind will blow the drifts.  

One concern is that an elderly friend in hospital here is to be transferred back to his home in Moose Jaw sometime this weekend, maybe not even until Monday.  His family are here in town as well and will need to head back to Moose Jaw at the same time he does.  Lord, grant them safe driving and may a bed in the medical system there be available for our friend at just the right time. Amen!  

Our son texted from NYC last night to say he had been blown off his bicycle yesterday on the way home from the art supply store near his home.  The winds were severe. However, he doesn't have the flooding issues that the states to the south and east along the coast are having.  He is concerned about friends who live in those areas.  I am grateful he is able to stay home and work on his paintings this weekend during the worst of the bad weather.

Guess it is time to shower and get to the laundry. Then I am going to throw open all the blinds and drapes and watch the snow arrive. 

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