Thursday, March 29, 2018

Winter and Other Wonders

Winter is once again upon us!  WOW, is it ever getting cold outside!  While the snowfall has been close to non-existent in the last 24 hours, the wee skiff we got overnight last night turned to ice rather quickly, almost as soon as a booted foot stepped upon it.  My back steps are covered with icy boot prints that I just went and sprinkled ice melt crystals on.  The pathway over to the car is absolutely treacherous, so there is ice melt all over the place, to give my feet some traction out there if nothing else.  In the basement I located the cord for plugging in the car overnight and got it all set up.  If I decide to go sing in the group choir at Westview Baptist Church for the combined service tomorrow morning, the car should start!  Brrrrrr!!

Although he has a bit of work to do at home on Saturday for the office, my husband is off work for the next 5 days!!  He has an email to complete on Saturday and needs to stop in at the office sometime before Monday to pick up a paper from his desk that the financial officer needs prior to the start of next week's annual audit.  Other than that he is free of work and ministry duties...WOW, this is the first Easter in many a year that he has not had to be responsible for so much as one church service!  That leaves us free to attend services wherever we like.  We are praying about possibly attending a Tenebrae service tomorrow evening and the Sunday morning service at our former church.  Both will be excellent!

We have had to say no to several invitations from friends this weekend because we were all ready booked up.  It is SO disappointing to have to decline, BUT we are very excited about the friends we are going to see. Tomorrow afternoon young friends from Alberta are coming to visit for tea and are bringing their 3 medically challenged children, with who they have accomplished amazing things. The kids are in school, are well adjusted, have a lot of assistance in place....all because of the tenacity of their parents in getting them what they need to do well in life.  Saturday is tea with church friends that we have a blast with every time and Sunday it is off to Moose Jaw for a mid afternoon feast with friends and their other guests.  I think on Monday we can finally relax and do nothing at all before I start a round of medical appointments the next morning.  It is all good!

I had the blessing of a visit and lunch with a very good friend today, over a meal of chicken alfrezi and warm, fresh naan at Tandoori Kabob.  My friend's husband was having a surgical procedure, so she had lots of time to spend with me while waiting for him to come out of recovery and head for home.  She is a very sensible and knowledgable person who helps me a lot when I have questions about all things spiritual and church related.  She was incredibly helpful to me today and I so appreciate her!! We also laugh a lot and I sure do need that right now.  What a wonderful time with her, followed by some banking, filling the car with gasoline before the price jump and then braving the long weekend grocery shoppers so I could pick up the salad greens for Sunday's special dinner in Moose Jaw.

So, despite the onslaught of a second winter, it has been a great day and I look forward with great anticipation to spending an entire weekend with my husband!  It is quite a rarity.   

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