Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Day of Friends

I am looking forward to today.  There will be lots of visiting with good friends.

Yesterday I received three happy communications. The first was from our Egyptian friends to tell us they passed their recent test for Canadian citizenship. They are awaiting word of the date of their welcoming ceremony.  We are hoping to attend.  They are so excited and we are excited for them!

The second was from a dear friend from church.  She is coming over this morning, nice and early so we will have lots of time for a good visit.  She is a very fun person, lots of laughter will ensue I am sure, and we share a common interest in the local music scene as well as in our church life.  

Then a third phone call came from Moose Jaw, so at noon my husband is picking me up to go to a meeting over lunch with some people we got to know when we lived there.  They are such sweet souls and we haven't been able to meet with them in nearly two years!  They are not into ethic foods so we will meet at Cravings and enjoy ourselves for an hour or so before my husband has to return to the office for the rest of his day's meetings.  It is a full day of meetings for my husband and he is actually double booked for part of the day, but this meeting is one he is very much looking forward to.  

I love it when things come together so spontaneously. 

Our former parishioner who has such a sad case of liver and bowel cancer has started a blog with her family.  She is going to post her medical news there for us all to read, so that when she has a chance to text, phone or email her friends she can talk about other things.  I know from all my father's serious illnesses over the decades that having to talk constantly about your own illness with everyone who contacts you is exhausting and depressing.  Our friend is determined to remain as positive as possible as she learns to live with reality and doesn't want others unwittingly dragging her down emotionally by going on and on about the disease.  My prayer is that she can maintain that determination when the going gets really rough.  I think we are still recovering from the shock of this news. I can't even imagine what her husband and family are going through.

My parents are getting very excited about our upcoming visit. My fear is that they will make themselves ill in the process.  At this point my mother always becomes very ill within two days after we have headed home from a visit with her.  Dad makes himself ill before we arrive.  Sigh....sometimes I wonder if our going to visit them is really a good thing or simply a torture test for both of them. Aaaargh!!!

Our son is back in the thick of things with work and painting.  He has two studio visits set up over the next couple of months and a possibility of a show of his own at a small gallery. What he most enjoys in his new home is how seriously everything is taken. The smallest of shows at the smallest of galleries, by the most unknown of artists, is taken as seriously and has as much time and attention put into it as large shows by famous artists.  It took him a few months to get used to the intensity, as compared to the laid back west coast attitude he is used to, but now he sees the value of it and it is certainly helping him to all ready be gaining some exposure for his art. 

Little 1-2-3 is growing old.  He has developed the fishy version of glaucoma and his skin has developed "old age" bumps, but he is still quite active and happy to see our son every day after work.  One of the other tenants in the building has been raising this same breed of fish for many years and she has been able to help our son obtain the medical information he needs to track 1-2-3's remarkable aging process.  She is very surprised the wee fish has lived this long.  Knowing how our son cares for his pets, I am not surprised at all! haha

Well, it is time for breakfast and then I can start getting ready for my fun day.  Even the weather is cooperating.  The predicted five to ten centimeters of snow did not arrive here yesterday or overnight, only a about 1cm of wet, heavy slush came down and has mostly melted away.  March weather in April means I will have to drag a pair of winter boots with me to Calgary, "just in case".

On with this happy day!

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