Friday, April 6, 2018

And Other Stuff

Last week my husband and I began a process of discernment in regard to our more or less immediate future and it seems that almost every day since, God has shown up in some kind of obvious way such has he has not in quite some time.  We think he is once again reminding us that everything we do, everywhere we go, how we survive from day to day is still truly, only, up to himself, even though my husband has been gainfully employed now for several years with sufficient income to cover our expenses.  That may change sooner than we had hoped when we moved here, or it may not, but whatever happens God has been showing himself to us again in ways that we understand are meant to revive our trust in him at that deep level we had when he was the only hope we had of even groceries for daily consumption.  His sudden interjection of himself in our lives again in these particular ways is both a bit unsettling AND reassuring at the same time. Who knows what is coming next?  Well......HE does! hahaha

Tonight my husband arrived home from work to find me laying on the sofa, sound asleep.  Usually the second day after dental work finds me exhausted as my kidneys eliminate the remains of the freezing and the nerves in the teeth surrounding the one being worked on settle down again.  Neither of us felt up to cooking. Neither of us wanted to go out to eat. So, at LONG last we set up an account at the local Skip the Dishes and ordered our dinner from Afghan Cuisine.  Oooh, it was most delicious.  We ordered the platter for two and so we received most of the dishes we would find on their daily buffet, minus the desserts and chai.  It cost about fifteen dollars more all total, with taxes, 15% gratuity and a tip for the delivery driver, than if we had driven ourselves up to the restaurant itself, BUT it was more than worth the extra cost to be able to just stay at home.  Also, we ended up with enough food for 3 complete single meals instead of just the 2 we would have eaten at the buffet, plus on top of that enough rice is left over for 3 more single servings!  We feel that we got our money's worth after all.  I was grousing about the expense until the food actually arrived, but then I realized we did A-OK!  It was fun watching the depiction of the car arriving at the restaurant to pick up our order and then driving to your house, all on my iPad screen. hahaha  I love being able to track our order and how long it is going to take to receive it.  I love knowing exactly how long it takes the driver to get to the restaurant, to pick up our order and drive it here.  Thanks to the GPS and iPad we were able to meet him at the door before he had a chance to ring the bell.  Yes, I think we are going to have to make use of this service a bit more often!  Hang the extra expense. hahaha

I'm not sure I want to check our local news tonight.  We were sitting on the sofa after dinner, watching an episode of The Blacklist, when the air was filled with the sound of the STARS air ambulance and two police choppers flying overhead.  Another serious car accident on the highway?  Another gang related murder?  O dear...NOW what?  This city is "interesting" shall we say.....

Our son's belongings were supposed to arrive in NYC from Vancouver today. We haven't heard anything from our son...never know with him if his silence is because everything has gone so well, or if it has gone so badly he doesn't want to tell us just how upsetting things turned out at Customs.  Silence usually indicates one extreme or the other. Well, I guess we will just keep praying until we hear something from him.

My husband and I just brought up my three tubs of spring/summer clothes from the basement storage.  Considering the temperature is to drop to -22C again overnight, I realize it seems a tad early to be making a seasonal clothing exchange, BUT I need to do something that is fun as well as useful tomorrow as I won't have the energy to tackle anything serious like housework.  I forced myself to be rather brutal last fall when I packed the summer things away. There were too many items I was clinging onto because I felt guilty about getting rid of so many things and then having to replace them this spring, but they didn't fit or were worn out.  There are so many great places to get discount clothing here in Regina that it doesn't make sense to keep things that aren't in good shape or are too big.  I don't think I even need to replace anything.  The one thing I do need/want to buy this spring is a pair of pink jeans that are not skinny jeans.  Eventually I will find a pair. Apart from that there certainly isn't anything I need to buy.  I cleaned up on new cotton tops a month ago at Dot's on the $2.99 rack. I tried on a couple of tops this morning at Winners, just to see if the particular styles that are so popular this year would suit me and they don't, so I won't waste any more time on such things.  Right now my bedroom floor is covered with small stacks of "dead of winter only" clothes that I won't wear again after this bitterly cold weekend gives way to somewhat more springlike temperatures.  My flannel, long sleeved winter nightgowns are all ready too warm, so I located my summer short sleeved ones and will start wearing those tomorrow night.

I have a new habit forming: waking up almost an hour before I really need to get up in the morning and spending that hour reading!  I had no idea how relaxing it is to start the day that way.  Speaking of is after 10pm and I think I will go and do some of that right now!  


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