Thursday, April 5, 2018

Another Loss For the City

One of the restaurant names that came up when we were deciding where to go for my celebratory lunch on Tuesday was Lang's Chinese.  For over 30 years it has been a staple of the downtown Regina restaurant scene, providing a delicious Chinese/Thai fusion during the years before ethnic restaurants and flavours took off in this "middle of the prairies dietary area".  (Definition: meat and potatoes...and bread....lots of bread!)

It was tempting to go there because it is so close to where we live, but noon hour parking is a problem in the downtown, plus we decided since it is so close to home we could go there anytime (and have), so why not try somewhere else that we don't go to as often.

Well, dang it, we should have gone to Lang's as it would have been our last meal there.  Yesterday morning it burned to the ground.  


The cause is still under investigation, but whatever the cause, the fire took out one of the best little eateries in the city.  Yes, quite a number of their dishes were the usual westernized Asian style, but there were some knockout meals, with fabulous herbs and spices that were unique to Lang's, on their extensive menu.  

BIG sigh......

Time to go scouting for another Chinese/Thai fusion restaurant I guess.  I doubt we will find one we enjoy as much as we enjoyed Lang's.  Feeling very badly for the family who has managed it for so long.   

Bye-bye Lang's.  You will be sorely missed.

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