Friday, April 27, 2018

Back in the Swing of Things

Today is the first day this week when I have been completely certain I am over that miserable bacterial infection from last weekend.  So, I got the upstairs of this pig pen cleaned and cleaned well!!!  The downstairs will be done tomorrow.  The following week I am going to do some serious vaccumming and stair washing down into the basement. There is SO much stuff down there, but it is easy enough to at least clean up the floor area and maneuver around things with a broom, vacuum and mop.

Found a bill this morning I had forgotten to pay yesterday, so off I went back to the bank for a break between cleaning chores.

My husband is all ready home from the office so that he can work on his sermon(s) for Sunday morning. He is looking forward to having a chance to preach and teach once again for a day. While he is there, I am going to walk over to the concert by the Luther College girls' choir if the weather is at all decent.  I don't think the rain is forecast to arrive until Monday and Tuesday next week.

Saturday night we have now made plans to attend the Vivace concert to hear our dear canon for education singing in that group.  They will be quite good I am thinking.  Previous concerts of theirs have been most enjoyable.

In the midst of other stresses, LIFE is starting to open up and happen with joy once again.

Next weekend my husband will be at Provincial Synod in Edmonton.  It is going to be a crazy busy time for him and for all the delegates.  I am rather relieved though that he was elected as a delegate for this Synod rather than for next summer's National Synod.  It is going to be a rough time for many folk with so many decisions being made that will effect the Anglican church and its future here in Canada.  I am going to stay right here in Regina and attend Amici's spring concert, go to church, take myself out for lunch a time or two and take time to breathe out my own stresses. Maybe I will get a chance to see a friend or two as well.  That would be awesome.

All being well at the time, my husband is going to the mountains on retreat with a colleague later in May. I have all ready booked the guest suite at my parents' facility, so that I can help him manage that long and boring drive west.  It will be very good for him and also for his friend who is just as over burdened and over worked.  My parents will be very happy to have me there again so soon.  After seeing them this last visit I realize the time they have left here on earth may be even shorter than I was thinking.

So, onward we go.  The sunshine and warmth outside has encouraged our hearts and we are feeling braver about things to come. Hallelujah!!

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