Thursday, April 26, 2018

Excellent Music!!

My husband and I have been blessed by being able to listen to some excellent live music over the past few weeks.  What a treat to hear quality music performed professionally and well.

Recently we were privileged to hear local teenaged pianist Kevin Trihn.  O my...what a gift this young man has.  He is a grade 9 student, aged 14 or 15 and has won all manner of awards for his classical playing.  Seeing a child that age sit down on a piano bench and proceed to play whole movements by classical composers, completely memorized, making it look and sound so easy....oh it is wonderful to behold and to hear.

First Baptist's handbell choir, JuBELLation is another group we enjoyed immensely.  They are such a cohesive group, nary a glitch nor an incorrect note played on their variety of songs.  They are able to employ every possible technique used in handbell playing and do it well.  After their final song we wanted to stand up and cheer.

We also heard the First Baptist church choir sing one of our own most detested hymns and they did such an excellent job on the particular arrangement my husband was almost in tears.  The hymn is Lord of the Dance.  One reason we don't like it as a congregational hymn/song, is that allowance is never made for the verse that refers to the agony of Christ during his crucifixion. The melody is goes from peppy to peppier and we both squirm when we have to sing about Christ's suffering as if we are singing a happy clappy chorus at a Sunday School picnic.  However, this particular arrangement for choir completely changes the tempo and chording for that verse.  It was appropriate with the lyrics of that verse....just wonderful. 

This weekend I plan to go and hear the Luther College girls' chorus.  It is directed by the fabulous Deborah Nelson and should be quite a treat.  

I was hoping to also attend the Vivace chorus concert this weekend, but it appears I will have to miss it this year. Disappointing....

April and May seem to be a great time to take in good concerts here in Regina, both secular and Christian in focus. We are trying to make the most of it this year.

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