Monday, April 23, 2018

Feelin’ Somewhat Better

Thanks to an excellent sleep last night I seem to be over my illness, apart from lingering weakness and a vacant sort of feeling. As the morning progresses I am getting better, so am following the usual pattern of food allergy/sensitivity reaction. Whew! Unexpected dizziness and nausea can be symptoms of problems so much worse than a food issue, so I am grateful that seems to be all it was.

The day outside is becoming comfortably warm. Forecast daytime temperatures this week are for the mid to high teens, with overnight lows of 0 to -4C. The back lawn is drying up, so getting to the car will be quite easy until the next big rain, should it happen before the ground thaws. I am determined not to focus my attention on the mud, blowing dust and general debris still laying in gutters and on lawns, I am focusing my attention on the warmth and on enjoying going outside in shoes and sweaters instead of parkas and heavy, wool lined boots. I am blessing the geese instead of cursing them when they arrive screeching and squawking at 5am and calling it good training toward our upcoming visit to “the city that never sleeps”.

I have resolved to seek God’s hand in all things instead of continuing to allow myself to be sidetracked into fears about the future. As things begin to look unexpectedly uncertain in our lives again, it is important to recall the amazing ways God has undertaken to care for us throughout our lives and remember that he is the same, yesterday, today and forever. I confess the shock of the unexpected uncertainty about our future threw me into a tailspin for a couple of weeks, but now I am getting my trust in God back on track. It feels good. Lying around ill for so many hours yesterday gave me that much time to think and remember and pray, so something good came out of that bit of misery.

Well, we have quite a few small things we need to accomplish today, so I will go now and help my husband.

Thank you for your prayers and expressions of concern. It is a bonus to be cared about by friends and family. Hugs everyone!

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