Monday, April 2, 2018

Feeling Teary Tonight

My heart is overwhelmed with emotion tonight...residual teariness from the Easter weekend contemplations on what Jesus did for me all those years ago on a torturous cross.

Tonight I have shed a tear or two:
--  in gratitude over my husband actually being able to spend the entire day vegging with only one brief work email to answer
--in gratitude over my husband getting tomorrow off as a stat in lieu and being able to do the same thing as today if he wants to
--in sorrow over my husband having to return to work on Wednesday because I so love having him at home
--in gratitude that my son had such a productive week in Vancouver and for his friends who helped him work in a couple of extra days for relaxation before he flew home today
--in gratitude that my son emailed me from the Vancouver airport to tell us how much he misses us and how much he is looking forward to our visit in June
--in gratitude that his flight left Vancouver and landed in NYC on time
--in sorrow that we were not able to fly out to see him, even for a few hours, in Vancouver
--in sorrow that my parents are aging so rapidly again all of a sudden
--in gratitude for an Easter weekend of meditation, readings and prayers, giving and receiving ministry and the benefits of friendship, fabulous meals and snack times with so many friends
--in joy for a friend who has just submitted a first manuscript to several editors who will be meeting with him in a few weeks time to discuss his proposal
--with excitement in seeing an autistic young friend this weekend who is maturing and changing and gaining control in his social situations at an amazing rate
--in awe of our younger parent friends who raise their medically challenged children with such tenderness and skill
--in sorrow for the passing of old friends and in joy because they will now be rejoicing in heaven
--in gratitude that my husband's health is improving again and his energy is returning

Yup, a teary weekend fer shur, but it is good to release pent up emotions every so often.  It took me so many decades to learn that it is okay to cry on occasion. is okay.

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