Sunday, April 22, 2018

Food Allergy? Stress? ‘Flu’?

Today started off well, but at 2:30pm I was watching a boxing match on tv with my husband when I started feeling dizzy. I stumbled upstairs to lie down and then the intense nausea began...and lasted for seven hours! YECCH!!!!

Eight hours later I am able to sit upright and blog, as all the symptoms have passed, but wow, I am exhausted. Seven hours of trying to lose my lunch in a bucket, with no success. Talk about misery! Finally my husband went out and got me some carbonated water that I forced down and that released the gas in my tummy. I should have done that several hours earlier, but I was so sure I was going to be able to vomit 🤢 that I didn’t think of carbonated water to relieve things. Also, I was so incredibly nauseated I was certain I had influenza of some kind. Lying around fretting over every stress in our lives right now seemed to be unavoidable and the worries intensified along with the nausea. (the chicken or the egg syndrome?)

My subsequent reactions post carbonated water are confirming this has been a food reaction. I am mentally dissecting my salad from lunch and suspecting either the new lime vinaigrette, the pear slices, or the raw red onion slices I allowed myself as a rare treat I haven’t allowed myself in several years because they give me wretched breath for days after ingestion. My husband reacts this way to pears, so I haven’t purchased and eaten those for a few years either. Was the lime vinaigrette too strong? Guess that will be my last attempt at more creative salads for awhile. It is also possible that I am simply reacting to too much lettuce in too short a time frame. My body tends to prefer cooked vegetables and I have been eating a LOT of salads over the past week.

Well, now it is 10pm and hopefully I am going to have a good sleep. Two stoned wheat thin crackers have settled nicely in my unhappy tummy.

The worst part is that I was too ill to participate in our Sunday evening Skype session with our son, but my husband turned up his computer’s volume so I could hear their conversation. Our son received an unhappy surprise this weekend when he completed his American income taxes...that much I heard....sigh. Fortunately he is working like a mad fool at three different projects right now that will help cover his tax bill. He is also extremely happy we are coming to see him, so we will finish booking our trip over the next week.

Looking forward to a happier, healthier day tomorrow!

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