Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Gettin' 'Em Done One At a Time

Today is the closest thing to a "nice" day we have had in some time.  Although it is still below zero for air temperature, the sun has actual warmth in it and from under the many piles of snow and ice, melt water has begun to flow toward the nearest drainage outlets.  It is extremely treacherous for walking for me, but I am being very, very careful indeed and my cane is at the ready!  

The path we kept shovelled between the back steps and the car crosses a big dip in the lawn, so the melt water is frozen across that part of the path, but I toss a handful of ice melt on top of it for traction whenever I need to get out to the parking lot.  If we ever get above zero for daytime high temperatures, for several days at a time, it will be amazing, I am certain, how quickly the snow disappears completely off the lawn.

It has been a good day of dental work once again for me.  Once my permanent crown goes on the tooth next week, I will only have two more....I do before the end of this year.  I have been feeling one of those "godly nudges", ever since the one I had crowned last fall, to just pay out of my own pocket and finish the project as fast as possible because you never know when someone my husband's age will find himself unemployed.  

That sounds dire and paranoid, but I have seen too many other friends in our age group getting hit with unexpected jop losses for any number of reasons.  Our diocese is riding the thin edge between financial viability and complete extinction, so if any fewer dollars come into the office for staff salaries, one of the first postions to be cut will be my husband's.  It may not happen, but we would be foolish to allow ourselves to be taken by surprise. Hence, while income and dental plan (such as it is) are still in place, I am getting the rest of the necessary crowns done this year! It is the right thing to do.  It takes some stress off my husband as well, so that is a huge bonus.

Today the dental assistant discovered a badly blocked saliva duct under my tongue.  She got the mirror to show me and o was a bad blockage. So the dentist, who though she was finished with me for today, returned to check it out and gave it a good squeezing to see if she could milk any of the liquid out of it.  My, she did a great job.  A bit of a calcified "stone" popped out of it and on my way home I stopped at a grocery store and purchased a fresh lemon so I could suck on sour lemon chunks in hopes of clearing the rest of the blockage.  I am not particularly keen on ending up with an infection under my tongue due to a blockage!  

I get a kick out of my dentist and the various hygienists. They ask so regularly if I am doing okay, feeling any pain, getting uncomfortable in the chair and on and on.  They seem to think I am tough as nails, but they probably say that to all the patients. hahaha  They have been well trained in providing patient comfort!

Now the freezing is coming out of my lower jaw. If I wait another half hour I just may succeed in eating my lunch without dribbling it down my chin! hahaha It was certainly an easier "freeze" today.  The last three crowns were all on my upper gum, guaranteeing frozen sinuses for most of the day.  What a nuisance that was!!  I can't remember if I have two more lower crowns to have done or if one is upper and one is lower. Whatever....I am going to try to schedule one for July and one for October.  

Wow, it is fantastic to be catching up on more than 20 years of past due dental work.  YES!!!!

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