Sunday, April 29, 2018

God Continues To Provide For Our Son...So Wonderful!

This afternoon we had our nearly weekly phone chit chat with our son.  He is exhausted from doing a lot of extra paying projects to get his taxes paid, but he was also full of good news about surprise financial provisions in the form of unexpected Canadian tax rebates, late payments arriving from work he did for Canadian employers after he arrived in NYC, etc. etc. etc.  All these dribs and drabs of money are adding up to a healthy slice of what he owes the US government.  It is exciting for us to see God doing similar things in our son's life that he has done for years in our own.  This is one family legacy we are pleased to have helped our son learn to claim as his own.  Thank you Lord for all you have done and continue to do for our little family.  

My husband said that the two church services he had to do this morning went very well. There were more children present than he was expecting at the intergenerational service, so that was a treat.  He was SO tired yesterday that I had my doubts as to how things would go for him today, but once again the Lord found reserves of strength and creativity for my husband to pull out all the stops on and it was a good time.  

I went to hear the Luther College Girls' Choir perform this morning.  O about excellent music, excellent direction by Deborah Nelson, excellent presentation.  It doesn't get much better for teen choirs than what I heard this morning!!!  Just fabulous singing and a good selection of peppy spirituals and meditative numbers.  What a treat!  The difficult unison singing in some of the songs was as close to perfection as I have ever heard...amazing!

This has been one wonderful weekend of music for me to enjoy.  The Vivace concert last night was superb!  Again, there was a decent selection of music, from sea shanties to spirituals to Golden Oldies to folk songs.  They performed a number that was arranged by an Eric Nelson called When Memory Fades and it is all about losing someone to Alzheimers.  It was powerful!

I did quite well physicallly at the concert once my husband found me a pillow to sit on for the second half....o my, those old wooden pews and my hip hardware are not a match made in heaven!  Yikes.  Emotionally however I kind of fell apart during a Memory Lane Medley that included Moonlight Bay!  As soon as the choir began to sing that portion of the piece, I had an instant flashback to standing around our family piano with dad at the keys and mom's lovely solo voice joining in with the singing of whatever company we had over for the evening. That was one of the songs we always sang.  By the end of the second bar last night I was crying, almost sobbing out loud and had to hide my face and my embarrassment behind a wad of tissues!!  Aiii yiiii....I couldn't believe I got choked up over that moldy oldy!!  hahaha  I think it is because the memory of singing that in our home when I was a kid also triggered the feelings of safety I had during those times.  As long as dad was at the piano and there was a raft of company to join him in making music, I knew I was safe from being mocked or otherwise embarrassed in front of our guests.  Dad tended to find me an embarrassment when we had company over and had no trouble verbally expressing that to one and all. If we were singing, I was emotionally safe and it was always the best part of any evening with visitors in our home.  For some reason that silly song invoked that memory and it tore me up inside.  Talk about an emotional trigger when I least expected it.  My dear husband just sat beside me holding my hand and passing me tissues until I could regain control.  Bless him!!!  As embarrassed as I was, as a few choir members were looking at me somewhat quizzically while I tried to muffle sobs,  I was also happy to know that reconnecting with my emotions is a good sign of coming to the end of the winter depression that has plagued me ever since last November!  On the mend....YES!

The predicted rain is about to start falling.  I am so glad it held off until late afternoon.  I took the bus to the concert this morning, but then had the opportunity to walk home in the lovely warmth of the noon hour.  Just being able to get out walking without the concern about slipping on icy sidewalks and streets is joy inducing!  We are slated for a full 24 hours of rain showers.  We need a good cleansing rain to tamp the dust down and wash the muck out of the roof eaves and road gutters. I wish it didn't also mean some flooding in our basement, but I have all the necessary towels and buckets in place just in case we do get that much moisture while we are away tomorrow.

About three blocks before arriving home on my post-concert walk today, I heard a car pulling up right beside me and then a couple of short toots of its horn. It was my husband on his way home from church.  I hopped in and we went to Bonzzini's pub for lunch.  It is one of the places on our ever growing list of places to try.  We loved the place itself....dim lighting, dark wood tables and booths, every chair with a padded back, even the ones at the bar....but the food was a total throwback to the '70's. hahaha  It wasn't bad food, but it was a total fat and carb festival.  WOW, I haven't seen food like that in quite a few years!  My husband ordered the fish and chips special and ended up with three HUGE pieces of well crisped, battered fish. He brought one piece home with him.  He was allowed to have a half and half portion each of salad and fries, and then was given a huge bottle of tabasco sauce to use, so he was very happy.  I ordered the chicken quesadilla and caesar salad.  The salad was pretty good, other than the mound of grated "parmesan" sitting in the middle of it.  It would have been fine if I wasn't so spoiled by so many restaurants using decent real shaved parmesan now on their salads.  At least it wasn't sloppy with dressing and the amount of salad was gigantic!!  My quesadilla was definitely giant sized.  It didn't have much chicken on it, unfortunately, but it was stuffed with a half inch layer of melted gooey cheese, green onions, chopped tomato and jalapenos. The sides of salsa and sour cream were a tasty accompaniment.  I ate about half of my salad, but only 1 of the 4 triangles of my quesdilla.  I pulled the filling out of the rest, pulled at least half that cheese off and enjoyed the bit of chicken and the veggies.  I suppose it was a bit of a waste, but I ate what I wanted and was able to cut down on the carbs and fat by being picky.  Because of the atmosphere we would like to go there again, but I think we will try some other menu items next time.  The featured dessert of salted caramel vanilla pudding cake sounded extremely decadent, but that is a treat for another time.  The food is average old fashioned pub food without a lot to recommend it, other than the portion sizes for the price, but it is okay. It isn't terrible, it just isn't the best for us personally.  Despite leaving so much of my meal on my plate, I am still feeling full and have no interest in dinner, four hours later! hahaha

So, off to get the tires changed and the car tuned up tomorrow.  I am going to pop a couple of prunes before we go so that after we drive for nearly an hour to the mechanic's and drop the car off I will be able to last until we can go out for breakfast. There are lots of places in Moose Jaw to get that particular meal, so we will have a good choice.  It will waste some time while we are waiting for the car and give us a change of scene.  Although our appointments at this particular dealer seem to take all day every time we go, no matter how small or large the job, they always do good work for us.  It is worth the drive there and back and it gets my husband away from the temptation to check his emails and phone messages from work on his day off.  YES!! 

As we drove around the city today I saw two more businesses that have recently closed out: Fleek clothing and The Nest piano bar.  Wow....the loss of the piano bar is a definite surprise.  I suppose it is simply the result of the present economy. Fleek had a terrible location in terms of attracting the particular clientele it wanted.  The residential area immediately around it is a group of senior citizen condominiums and that is definitely NOT the aged group their clothing was appealing to.  It always makes me very sad when people are forced out of business.  I wonder when the prairie economy is going to pick up once again?  We are looking at our list of possible restaurants left to try here and thinking we had better get a move on before some more of them are permanently out of business.

Two of the members of our Globe Theatre group are unable to attend the May performance of Shrek the Musical. One of them is me and I am very disappointed to have to miss it, but I have the opportunity to go to Calgary that week.  I am so happy that the other person needing to get rid of her ticket found a taker for both of them.  Some people who couldn't otherwise afford to go are going to use our tickets. I am so pleased my friend was able to make that connection.  YAY!! We paid for them way back last August, so neither of us can even remember what they cost, so they might as well go for free to people who will especially enjoy an evening out.

I suppose I should go and see what I can find lurking in the refrigerator for it all ready time for dinner?  I think that personally I can wait quite a lot longer before eating again.  Hopefully my husband feels the same way.  How can it be almost 5 hours since lunch!!???  All that fat we ate at lunch time certainly did fill us up! (and out???) hahaha

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