Saturday, April 28, 2018

Happily Walking On This Beautiful Day!

It is 2pm and we have nearly reached our forecast high temperature of +22C.  Although the wind is a bit gusty, is still chilly and does not yet carry the cloying odor of new spring, my little walk to the grocery store after lunch was most enjoyable.  Wearing sandals and a light sweater is a considerable treat after over five months of parkas and wool lined boots!  There was little lead up to spring's arrival this year.  We went from warm coats and heavy boots to short sleeves and sandals in less than 48 hours....just wonderful!

Got the vacumming completed this morning so the place is as clean as it ever gets, at least for a few days.  We do need a good rainfall though. The dust is all ready so thick on everything post snow melt that every time the wind blows (does it ever stop blowing here???) it filters in through the cracks around the windows and in the attic and covers all the furniture very quickly.  I dusted the bedroom yesterday and was particularly happy with how clean my small black laquered Japanese jewellery box was. Sigh...this morning when I opened the curtains at 7am and the bright sunshine landed on that same box, the dust was again so thick I could write my name on it with the end of my finger.  It took only 18 hours for that box to go from dust free back to filthy!  Double sigh....if we EVER get out of the prairies the one thing I will never forget is the constant dust coating the inside of our various homes.  hahaha 

Made the mistake of not checking the clock before I drank a whole can of carbonated water last night.  My husband was on his way up to bed before I even finished drinking it, that's how late it actually was.  It appears my kidneys really do not like carbonated water...or if not my kidneys, SOMETHING in there is not happy when I drink it, particuarly late in the evening.  Up and down to the bathroom every hour all night. Good grief....a mistake I won't make again any time soon!!!  hahaha  I have decided that it isn't worth drinking it at all, let alone after supper in the evenings.  Time to eliminate it completely from my diet.

It appears, at least for the moment, that the particularly painful second treatment my doctor gave me on that wart on my foot has been successful.  I don't want to speak too soon, but the last of the blisters where the worst of the burning took place came off in the shower a few minutes ago and there is no sign of that miserable "core" that indicates the wart is going to "bloom" once again.  Here's hoping I have made the correct diagnosis!!  

Had a good chat with Mom and Dad on the phone today, but I am experiencing some fairly long silences on occasion now when we phone chatter.  It is like none of us can think of anything to say that would be of interest to each other.  They are very excited that I am coming to see them again all ready next month, then again a month after that.  Assuming they are both still around at the end of September I need to try to get out there one more time before the next round of winter arrives.  Egad!  It is only the end of the first week of spring like weather this year and I am all ready looking ahead to the winter....SICK!!!

Time to relax, go and read myself to sleep with a book or magazine.  If I am going to enjoy tonight's concert I need to be more awake than I am at the moment....stupid carbonated water reaction....Sheesh......

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