Sunday, April 8, 2018

Happy Birthday Son

Our son turned 38 years old today.  I can't believe it!  38 years ago, a teensy, premature bundle was put into my arms and I fell completely in love.  So did my husband.  The three of us have maintained a fairly close relationship through the intensely good and equally intensely bad times in our lives. There have been a few bumps in the road, but the older we all get, the more we appreciate each other and enjoy communicating and sharing our lives with each other.  Tonight we SKYPE'd for almost an hour, planning our trip to NYC in a couple of months' time.  Neither my husband nor myself are all that interested in NYC and the many amazing sights it has to offer, we just want to see our son.  If we can get a few museum and art gallery visits in, a kosher lunch and a meal at Bushwick's one amazing French cuisine restaurant, plus a trip to Central Park just to say we have been there and seen it, that will be good enough for us.  It is rather nice to be able to plan a trip where the focus of the trip is simply family, without it being a time competition to cram in as many tourist attractions as possible.  It always felt that way to us when our son lived in Vancouver.  There were so many things we wanted to see and do there, but we don't have the same attitude about New York City, for whatever reason.  Maybe this is simply the reconnaisance trip where we will discover the things we want to return to see next time.

This has been a peaceful Sunday.  My husband enjoyed his visit to the church he attended this morning and I hung out with my friends at a Baptist Church.  Of all the churches I have attended in this province in the past 15 years, churches of all denominations, this particular congregation is the friendliest, most welcoming one I have been to yet.  People actually came up and talked to me during the coffee hour.  They not only told me about themselves and their church, they asked me sincere and interested questions about myself and my own church background.  The conversation went both ways...something I have only occasionally experienced in all this time of living here on the prairies.  The congregational singing in the service was very good, hearty and heart felt.  The little choir did a pretty good job.  There were two special times of remembrance within the service for the families of the hockey players and coaches who were killed in Friday's horrendous crash. Today's service was like a little oasis in the desert of daily stress I have been experiencing for the past few months with my husband's health and uncertainty about our future.  It was a time out, a time away from all things Anglican and I desperately needed that today.  Sometimes it is difficult being the wife of the person who is referred to too often as "The Bishop's Rottweiler" because a large component of my husband's work consists of mediation, "boom lowering" and attempting to help people who are at odds with each other become reconciled.  It is difficult to break into the church and social circles of my own denomination when people don't know if they can trust me to keep what I hear at church to myself, not certain of what I will tell my husband about them.  I have been confronted with that a couple of times in recent weeks and today I decided to just step aside from it.  It was very, very good for a change.  Next Sunday we will be travelling, but I feel better equipped to return to my own congregation the following week and utilize a couple of things I learned today from my Baptist brothers and sisters during that coffee time.  

After our respective services, a few blocks away from each other, my husband and I "met in the middle" at Leopold's Tavern downtown for a wonderful lunch.  As always, my taco salad was superb.  My husband ordered his first ever poutine and did he ever enjoy it.  He asked that the gravy be left off it as it is a cornstarch filled gravy, so the french fries were crispy instead of turned to mush.  The huge fried egg on the top added delicious protein to anotherwise very carbohyrate filled plate of food.  The cheese curds were firm and tasty.  He so enjoyed it.  We ate a pretty light supper tonight as our lunches were very filling.  I am always shocked by just how big the taco salads are there, how much beef tops the greens, corn niblets and black beans, how many sauces and dressings come with it and how fresh everything on my plate is, EVERY time.  I have never left so much as a lettuce leaf in my bowl because I have never found one yet that is wilted, brown or stale.  How do they do that when it seems to be such a problem in so many other restaurants here?  Bless them!

After lunch we drove to Staples and purchased a new filing cabinet to take to my parents.  They have been limping along for the past six months with an old one with a broken lock and having their personal papers in drawers that cannot be locked has been bothering them both quite a lot.

Back at home my husband spent some time getting the camera up and running on his new laptop so we could SKYPE with our son.  I phoned my parents and we had a grand chat. They were flying pretty high from the birthday phone chat with their grandson, so were rather jolly today. haha  Then I began the long task of ironing my spring and summer clothes and getting them hung up, more winter clothes folded and put away in the bins and making decisions as to what to take on our trip to Calgary coming up soon.  

I am grateful for this good Sunday.  I am grateful for church and for my husband and our son and the rest of our extended family members.  I am grateful that the temperatures outside will begin a slow rising trend starting tomorrow.  I am grateful there are forecasts for a few days of snow "SHOWERS" over the next couple of weeks, instead of the stark prediction of "SNOW!"  I am grateful for new friends and old friends.  I am grateful for the fun of eating out while we still can and for our plans to go and visit our son.  I am not so grateful that we have to stay home all day tomorrow to finally do our income tax, BUT you can't have everything you want, right? hahahahahaha  Thank you God for this good day! 

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