Monday, April 16, 2018

Happy Highlights

- despite a good ten centimetres of wet snow that came down today, an excellent sleep for both of us last night kept our attitudes positive toward the ongoing winter weather this late into what should be the spring season

- mom and dad were completely content to stay home and visit over a late breakfast

- the cheery and helpful maintenance man here got rid of my parents’ old and broken file cabinet and helped us get their new one out of our car and up to their suite

- my husband made pancakes for breakfast and my low appetite Father ate FOUR of them!

- my husband finished his electronics shopping after our lunch of fabulous leftovers from last night’s Indian dinner

- we connected unexpectedly with old friends and celebrated the serendipitous meeting together over the most delicious Thai food I have ever eaten in my life at Thai Place, a converted Burger King turned into a beautiful restaurant. I ordered a plate of tilapia encrusted with diced fresh garlic and black pepper. With a spoon of coconut rice it was to die for! My husband’s mastaman curry was equally delicious. I think we have a new favourite restaurant in Calgary. Yum!

- going to go to bed early and read my latest Jan Karon novel, the third last of the Mitford series, according to her web site.

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