Friday, April 20, 2018

Happy to be Home? Meh......

So...we're home again.  The trip back from Kindersley early this morning went well and the canoe stayed firmly in place on top of the car despite terrible winds most of the way to Regina.

While it is good to be safely home again and my husband only has to work tomorrow before starting next week with his usual 2 days off, there are so many stresses and decisions lying here in wait for us, there is a certain amount of tension about being home once again.

While we were travelling the world seemed a huge place where anything good or hopeful is possible, but the closer we got to home, the more things seemed to close in on us once again, stressful situations returned to the forefront of our minds, looming decisions seemed less like something we want to have to think about...hard to describe exactly but we both had to work very hard at not feeling and acting crabby and miserable.  The feelings didn't last long though and we were very happy to get unpacked and have a relaxing evening, but I hope we feel more positive again tomorrow.

A happy thing happened when my husband took the canoe over to his friend's place to store it.  His friend and another minister were about to have a time of prayer together and asked my husband to join them, which he gladly did.  He also was able to stop in at Canadian Tire before he came home for dinner and take advantage of their clearance on last year's models of canoe paddles and life jackets. So, now he has some inexpensive equipment on hand for when he tries out the canoe on the lake across the street when it eventually warms up suffiently for canoes to get out there on the water.

So, mixed feelings about being home, but it is more because of future uncertainties coming our way and knowing we cannot run from them like we could this past week! hahaha 

When we pulled into our parking place tonight we were most encouraged to see that all the snow on the lawns has melted down and now we just have a few puddles to maneuver between our car and our back door.  I got to use my new rubber boots for the first time so I could ferry our luggage and food coolers into the house. Spring is ALMOST here at last!! No meh about THAT!!

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