Wednesday, April 25, 2018

It Must Have Been the Dad Gummed Fresh Raspberries!

I managed to feel well enough yesterday to do eight loads of laundry, but the feeling of lightheadedness stayed with me all day (and into today) after my episode of illness Sunday. I also managed to grocery shop yesterday morning and get downtown for a haircut today, yay!

My husband woke up today at 1am, fighting dizziness and upset stomach similar to what I experienced Sunday, but it only took him a couple of hours to work through it and get back to sleep. He went into work late and felt weak all day, but he survived and is happily watching Forged in Fire on tv after eating a decent sized dinner. He told me this evening that he had experienced mild stomach upset and brief bouts of lightheadedness on both Saturday night and Sunday evening. Finally we put it together that both of us had eaten handsful of fresh raspberries about a half hour prior to feeling ill. Short version: each of us thought the other had washed the raspberries and neither of us had. Sigh....that is a mistake we won’t make again. Wonder what kind of bacteria we exposed ourselves to??? O well, we will be far more careful in future.

I thoroughly enjoyed this windy, but still spring-like day by walking home from downtown after my haircut and a bowl of delicious lentil soup from Zam Zam Wraps for my lunch. O glorious spring!

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