Wednesday, April 11, 2018

My Happiness Crown...Two More To Go!

Home from the dentist once again and sporting a grand new crown on a lower molar.  YIPPEE!  TWO MORE TO GO THIS YEAR! (both upper molars so I won't have the discomfort of having to paste my numbed tongue to the roof of my mouth like I had to do for this lower tooth) I have the next one booked for July and hope to do the last one in October.  Timing them around the arrival of my quarterly sales tax rebate is quite helpful once the dental insurance for the year runs out! 

It is relief to have only two left to do this year.  Now I pray I won't need too many more in the near future, although I will still have a half dozen doubles that were filled some time ago that could go on me at any time.  For now, I am going to obey the lesson I was reminded of about living one day at a time and not worry about any new dental issues until the next two are taken care or!

So grateful for even the bit of a dental plan my husband has from his job.  Wow....I cannot imagine how I would have managed this past five years without that.  Thank you Lord!

Very happy that a friend from church is coming over tomorrow morning for tea!  In honour of her visit I will run the duster around the living and dining room, hahahahaha.  

This morning I was awake early, so completed ironing the last twenty items of spring and summer clothing from the storage bins.  As I watch the giant, wet snowflakes tumbling down from the sky this morning, splattering the cars and streets, I realize that perhaps I may have jumped the gun on the wardrobe exchange this month, but what the is SPRING, technically, so the weather is just going to have to catch up with me!!!!  hohoho!!

Right now I am going to take the last small load of winter wardrobe items down to the laundry room and clean them up for storage. Tonight my husband will be able to return the bins back to the storage room and not worry that one of us is going to trip and fall over them as they continue to lie scattered about the upstairs. 

Life is good.   

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