Saturday, April 7, 2018

No Wonder We Couldn't Sleep Last Night! Sigh......

Weeellll....we found out this morning why we struggled to sleep last night, spent the whole night praying and agitated, after hearing the air ambulances and police helicopters flying overhead in the late evening.

This morning the news came out that there was an horrendous bus/semi rig collision near Nipiwan.  FOURTEEN members of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team and associates were killed in the crash.  A community of only 6000 souls has lost 14 of their members, most of them young hockey players.  

I feel ill.  

Everytime I hear of such things I remember the bus trips and the first highway drives my own son took in his middle to older teenaged years and how close he may have come to suffering the same fate.

Please remember the families of the victims in your prayers.  What exactly happened has not been released to the news media yet, but what has been released is the news of so much pain being suffered by the families and the hockey community in the area.  O Lord, stand with them.

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